Winter Coats

So…I’ve given in and finally started to buy clothes for this winter. The cold weather’s drawing in so I’ve updated my wardrobe with two new coats.

Winter coats don’t always need to cost the earth, so see below for my two bargain buys.



So this suede and faux fur lovely is a great transeasonal coat. It’s great for autumn and crisp spring days, and manages to look stylish, smart and I’ve so far worn it to death. Only £45 from Tesco. 


So if you can ignore the mess behind me, here’s my new winter coat. I love faux fur for winter and as most of my coats are dark, this light coloured, cosy coat will stand out and keep me warm. Another Tesco bargain at only £39. 

So whilst I’m not excited about the cold, I am excited to wear my new winter wardrobe.


4 thoughts on “Winter Coats

  1. Winter can be such a hard time to dress for. While you want to be warm, you don’t want to sacrifice fashion either. Lately, the warmth I’m seeking is overpowering my desire to be fashionable. You look good in here!

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    1. It is a hard time to dress for. In the UK I’ve been wearing winter clothes since October, it’s just warmed up this week. I agree, I like to be comfortable and warm over being fashionable, but I found a few stylish winter pieces☺ x

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