Christmas Calendars

Every year since I was a child, I’ve had an advent calendar. The chocolate inside may not be the best, but who can resist a chocolate for breakfast. Certainly not me!

Then last year I got my first beauty calendar. What’s better than chocolate you ask? Well a beauty gift each day, that’s what.

So this year I got another beauty calendar, this time from The Body Shop. 24 days of yummy smelling products for body and baths. Below is the inside of The Body Shop calendar.


As you can see, each product is in individual boxes so it’s like receiving a present every day. So what did I receive today…


A cranberry shimmer lotion. Now body lotions are not my favourite (mostly because I’m too lazy to use them) but this smells lovely and has Christmas sparkle.

As I open more of the boxes and see what goodies are inside, I’ll keep you updated on what I think of each gift.

But I couldn’t go without my daily chocolate…

So here’s my chocolate calendar and Body Shop one below. Let me know what calendar you have this year, whether it’s beauty, chocolate or something else!


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