Munich:Good for veggies and meat eaters alike

When people think of German food and drink, they think of Schnitzel, Bratwurst and that famous drink…beer!

The reality of my time in Munich was quite different. Yes hotdogs and beer were sold everywhere, but there was also a surprising amount of veggie and vegan friendly places to eat.

Below is my pick of places to eat that are suitable for the vegetarian in your life or yourself if you’re a carnivore.

The Victorian House


The Victorian House serves from breakfast through ’til dinner and also has afternoon tea! I’m being serious when I say I’ve never seen a more extensive list of breakfast items alone. If you want a Full English Breakfast, Bagels, Fresh Pancakes (as pictured) you can. It will no doubt have whatever you are craving. The food is also gorgeously fresh and filling.

The place itself is a real taste of home as it’s quintessentially British. Below is a photo of the restaurant.


Cafe Rischart

Cafe Rischart is another great and affordable place for breakfast, lunch or for food to eat on the go.

Don’t be fooled just because this place is more casual, the food here is amazingly good. Whether you want more savoury bites or one of there delicious pastries, this is a place you should visit. Below is a slice of there wonderful Vegetable Pizza and Black Forest Gateau.



Hans Im Gluck

Hans is a German burger place. If I had to compare it to anywhere more familiar, it would be GBK. It has the quirky sauces and choices, around 5-6 vegetarian and several vegan options, as well as plenty for meat eaters.

Hans is sleek and modern, but it has a unique interior by having trees inside the building. It’s also a real bargain. For two meals with cocktails it came to €30. See below for photos of my meal and the restaurant.



Prinz Myshkin

Prinz is a completely vegetarian and vegan restaurant. Whilst in the UK veggie friendly places tend to be casual, cafe type places, Prinz is a more upmarket restaurant to go with friends, family or your partner.

Don’t be fearful that all you can order is a bowl of salad or something bland and flavourless, Prinz has a fantastic menu. I had large vegetable samosas with brown rice and my partner had the best vegetarian lasagne I’ve tasted! Even if you are a meat eater, this is a place you’ve got to try at least once.


So there you are, four places I love to eat in Munich. There are of course many more amazing restaurants and cafes in Munich, but it’s impossible to list them all. Now I’m off…all this food talk’s made me hungry!

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