8-14 Days of Beauty (Calendars)

So in my last beauty blog, I wrote about what gift’s I received in my Body Shop calendar for the first week. So here’s my update on what new products I’ve had the joy of opening since!

Day 8-Eyelash Curlers


Okay, so at some point many of us have owned a pair of these. Whilst this set is good quality and feels sturdy, they’re something I’m unlikely to get much use out of. With mascara’s now improving to create curl as well as volume, eyelash curlers are no longer a necessity. That said, on nights out or special occasions, I’ll use these for an extra boost.

Day 9-Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel


I was very happy to open this on Day 9! Eye gel’s are a fantastic addition to your beauty routine (if you don’t already use one). When you wake up with puffy, sore eyes, this is for you. Just apply this cooling, soothing gel underneath your eyes, leave on for a minute or so before patting in to the skin. This helps refresh your eyes before you apply moisturisers and make-up. I highly recommend this one and it’s converted me from my usual cucumber eye gel.

Day 10-Strawberry Soap


So I’ve always been more of a shower gel kind of girl when it comes to washing, but this cute, strawberry scented heart is lovely. Greasy to touch, it feels moisturising and gentle on the skin and washes away to leave a gentle strawberry scent. Better than most soaps as it’s less drying on the skin, but not oily once used.

Day 11-Shea Shower Cream


This Shea scented shower cream is to be used in the same way as a shower gel, but it’s creamier (it’s in the name) and much more nourishing on the the skin. If you prefer shower gels to soap, this is a good alternative to your usual body wash, as it means you can skip the body moisturiser after washing that bit more often. More luxurious on skin, shower creams are something I intend to use more often.

Day 12-Almond Hand & Nail Cream


I was hoping and praying there would be a hand cream in this calendar somewhere and here it is! Now it’s winter, most hands (including mine) are in desperate need of some TLC, so this hand cream with nut oil is a welcome treat. As with pretty much all of The Body Shop’s products, this feels sumptuous and deeply moisturising.

Day 13-Strawberry Lip Butter


Another beauty product I was hoping for was a lip butter or lip balm. Like a lot of gifts in the calendar, this one is strawberry scented and very creamy. Ideal for those who hate the feel of dry lips or for those whose lips need extra help now it’s winter time, this is a great choice. It’s non sticky and in a handbag friendly sized pot.

Day 14-Shea Butter Soap


Another mini, heart shaped soap! This time with a delicate Shea butter scent that perfectly compliments the Shea body butter I received last week and the body wash I got this week. It’s lovely to have the complete set, especially when these products have such a nice scent. This soap is the same as the strawberry one I wrote about above, with good moisturising qualities and a subtle scent.

So that’s my round up of the past 7 day’s gifts! Be sure to check out my next beauty blog to see what I get next and my thoughts on each product.

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