Walking in a (Winter Wonderland)

Going to Winter Wonderland in London has become a yearly ritual for me. For the past four years I’ve visited religiously and each time I think I’ve seen it all, something new pops up so I return again.

As Winter Wonderland’s grown, so has the amount of visitors. If you choose to visit, I’d recommend a weekday (if possible) over a crazy, crammed weekend. However, if a weekend is all you can do it’s still worth a visit.

Here’s my list of reasons to visit Winter Wonderland and things I love about it.

It’s in Hyde Park


Even in winter, Hyde Park’s beautiful for a crisp stroll. When I visited, there was colourful, golden leaves on the ground, making the walk through to Winter Wonderland even more enjoyable. Hyde Park’s also wonderful in summer for picnics and hosts the British Summer Time Festival too.

Ice Skating


Every year the ice rink’s full of wannabe ice skaters of all different ability levels. Whilst I’ve never skated at Winter Wonderland, it’s one of the most popular attractions for all the family.

Mulled Wine


Winter Wonderland has mulled wine by the gallon; stalls everywhere sell cherry or regular mulled wine. If you’re in dire need of being warmed up, you can ask for a mulled wine with an extra shot of amaretto or other spirits.

The Food


So admittedly I didn’t really get many food shots, as I ate before I could take any! But Winter Wonderland has lots of stalls for all tastes. From chocolate covered fruit to the best gingerbread cookie I’ve tasted, it’s all here. If you’re looking for savoury, there’s Chinese, burgers and amazing falafel wraps, as well as the Bavarian area that sells German food and beer.

The Ice Bar and Ice Kingdom


Whilst I didn’t visit the Ice Kingdom this year it is a lot of fun. With ice sculptures, an ice slide and the chance for photo’s on ice thrones, this is a unique and chilly experience. There’s also the newer Ice Bar next door where you can have cocktails and fruit punches with or without alcohol, whilst wearing snuggly capes and gloves provided as you go in.

The Rides


Winter Wonderland has a lot of rides that are surprisingly fast and scarier than you can imagine. Whilst larger, faster rides such as Ice Mountain and Hangover are ideal for adults, there’s plenty of smaller rides and fun fair stalls that are more suitable for all tastes.

The Atmosphere


Walking around Winter Wonderland, there’s Christmas trees, stalls and everything you need to get you in the Christmas spirit. Beautifully decorated and festive, you’ll leave feeling ready and excited for Christmas.

Winter Wonderland runs until early January each year, so why not pop along before Christmas Day or over the Christmas period for a fun, festive day out.


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