A Cracking Fortune

Some people are difficult to buy for. You can buy socks, books or other gifts that they may not want or you could book an experience or day out for them that you know they’ll love.

So when you book that surprise as a gift, how do you tell that person? Do you show them an email or write it in a card? It’s difficult to find a fun and inventive way to tell them what you’ve done.

So step in Cracking Cookies! Cracking Cookie’s are a company that sell online through Not on the high street. So this year I’ve ordered two wonderfully flavoured fortune cookies (banana and salted caramel and chocolate orange) with personalised messages inside to reveal the surprises I’ve booked.


These fortune cookies are not just great for announcing surprises, but can also be used to tell your partner you love them, to propose or just about any other message you wish to include inside.

I think these are a quirky and unique little gift that your loved ones are bound to enjoy.

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