24 Days of Beauty (The Final Countdown)

In my previous blogs I’ve kept you updated on what gifts and treats I’ve received in my Body Shop Beauty Calendar. This is my final countdown of the last ten gifts I got and my thoughts on each product.

Day 15-Frosted Plum Shimmer Lotion


On the very first day of this calendar I got the lovely Cranberry Shimmer Lotion and now I have the wintery, rich plum one too!

I love these shimmer lotions much more than regular moisturisers and lotions. These ones are non-sticky and leave a beautiful sparkle on the skin. I’ve been using these lotions loads in the lead up to Christmas and it’s one of my favourite gifts from this calendar.


Just make to wash your hands after use or they’ll be as sparkly as mine in this photo!

Day 16-Vitamin E Night Cream


As I’ve said many times, I love The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range! This is the third product I’ve received as I also got the toner and day moisturiser in this calendar. This night cream is a lot thicker and creamier than the day time version, so it will help your skin replenish at night.

Day 17-Argan Oil Shower Gel


My third mini shower gel from this set and my first Argan Oil product from The Body Shop. This shower gel smells floral with hints of honey and is slightly oily when first applied to skin. Like many products from The Body Shop once washed off, your skin will feel soft and non greasy. This is probably my favourite shower gel I received in the calendar and one I would definitely go out to buy.

Day 18-Eyeshadow Brush


Funnily enough a new eyeshadow brush was on my to buy list! The Body Shop has a good range of make up brushes that are sturdy and good quality, so I’m pleased to have received this.

Day 19-Fuji Green Tea Body Lotion


In this calendar I’ve got many lotions and body butters. This one feels lovely and cooling on the skin and goes nicely with the green tea shower gel I got before in this set. With a gentle fragrance that smells like cucumber mixed with green tea, this feels soothing and has a calming fragrance.

Day 2o-Honey Lip Butter


Previously in this set I received the lovely strawberry lip butter and now I have the honey one to add to my collection. Gorgeously creamy and rich on the lips, this lip butter feels and smells delightful.

Day 21-Plum Soap


My third cute little heart soap! I got the strawberry and shea butter soaps before and now I have the frosted plum fragrance. As I said in previous blogs, these are moisturising and leave a lovely gentle scent on the skin after use.

Day 22-Strawberry Hand Cream


Last week I got the almond hand cream and now strawberry! Personally I love this one much more. It feels gorgeously smooth and cooling on skin and is a great buy for winter. It also has the added bonus of smelling like a strawberry milkshake. Delicious!

Day 23-Nail File


Okay, so this isn’t the most exciting gift I’ve got in this calendar, but it’s practical and small, making it perfect to keep in your handbag.

Day 24-Italian Fig Fragrance Spray and Red Nail Polish


So on my last day of this calendar, The Body Shop have treated me with not one but two gifts! I opened the final, large box to reveal a lovely Italian Summer Fig Eau De Toilette. This has a sweet fruit and fig scent and is perfect to take out with you. This is one to pop in my handbag and take with me when I travel.

Inside the final box was a smaller box and in that box was a lovely red nail polish! I was desperately hoping for more make up or nail polish, so this lovely, festive red shade is ideal.


So overall, I’ve really liked The Body Shop Calendar. There’s been some products I already know and like and plenty I’ve never tried and loved. If you’re a fan of The Body Shop and beauty and bath products this is the calendar for you.

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