The Fat Turk Restaurant

For a while I’ve been hearing rave reviews for The Fat Turk Restaurants. There’s two of these restaurants, both in Essex (The UK) and unsurprisingly they sell Turkish food!

Now these restaurants are not for your usual take away kebab, but higher end Turkish cuisine in beautiful surroundings.


Even from outside, The Fat Turk impressed me. With sparkling, twinkling lights covering the trees and a water feature in front of the sign, it looked welcoming and luxurious. The inside naturally didn’t disappoint either as it’s sleek, modern and elegant, so my first impressions were good.

But more importantly, the food!



So I was actually a bit greedy and had two starters. The first was halloumi which is above, with the gorgeously thick, fresh bread you get for free. Put together, the cheese and bread was a flavour sensation of salty, herby cheese and the smokey, oven baked taste from the bread.


So this was my second starter! I had Borek which are cheese and spinach filo parcels with chilli dipping sauce. You can just about see it behind the huge mound of bread. Borek is one of my favourite starters and here it was absolutely delicious! Soft, creamy and packed full of delicate flavours, this combined with the dipping sauce was by far my favourite part of my experience at The Fat Turk. If you go, it’s a must try menu item.



So as you can see from this picture of my mains, the portion sizes are pretty good. Going from left to right is salad, chickpea and vegetable casserole, tomato bulgur wheat and behind that is some dips. The casserole had a gorgeous, subtle yet spicy flavour, packed full of vegetables and surprisingly filling. The bulgur wheat added a nice dimension as it had a refreshingly tangy flavour that worked well with the chickpea casserole and the salad, dips and bread were welcome additions to an already satisfying meal.

So my overall review is positive. The Fat Turk looks sleek and stylish, service is prompt and the food itself was delicious. I would definitely like to try out the other Fat Turk restaurant in nearby Ongar or I’d be just as happy to return to this branch for some more  of their scrummy food.

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