Bobbi Brown Deluxe Cheek & Eye Palette

For Christmas I got this wonderful Bobbi Brown Deluxe Cheek & Eye Palette as a gift. How I’ve managed to wait until now to use it, I have no idea!


The make up comes in shiny, expensive looking packaging, though as it’s rather large it’s perhaps not the most handbag friendly palette.

So in this set is eight eyeshadows, two blushers, a make up brush and a mirror in the lid. Upon opening it, I was impressed by just how pretty this set is.

Below is the inside of the palette and a close up shot of all the colours.



Lets move on to the swatches. The first set of swatches shows the top row of eyeshadows.

Ivory, Cement Sparkle, Lilac Haze, Mica Sparkle.

I love these four shades. Ivory is a gentle white, so in the swatch it doesn’t show up as clearly as the other colours. Cement Sparkle is a bronze/gold sparkle, Lilac Haze is a light brown, whilst Mica Sparkle is a sparkly silver. All these shades are gorgeous on and even the spakle shades are great for everyday wear.

Below is swatches from the bottom four eyeshadows.

Golden Bronze Metallic Shadow, Steel Grey,
Pale Rose, Caviar.

So I have to admit, I prefer the top row of colours to these bottom ones. Golden Bronze is pretty as it’s a metallic sparkle shadow and the Pale Rose is a subtle pink shade that’s ideal for everyday wear. The Steel Grey and Caviar eyeshadows look almost identical in the palette and as I don’t use dark colours too often, I don’t think I’ll get much use out of these shades. Steel Grey once swatched is a dark brown/grey shade and Caviar is jet black so they do show up different once used, but I still find these two colours a bit too samey.

Below is swatches of the two blushers.

Desert Rose and Pale Pink.

The Desert Rose shade is a dusty pink, which looks subtle in the palette but leaves a pretty, natural colour. The Pale Pink shade is a brighter pink that needs to applied lightly as it’s highly pigmented but both these colours will work for all skin tones.


In the photo above, I’m using the Ivory and Lilac Haze eyeshadows with the Pale Pink blush very lightly applied on my cheeks. This is a great daytime look as the colours are subtle and the eyeshadows paired together create a great nude look on the eyes.

Below is another shot of my nude, daytime look.


So overall I really love this palette as the range of colours means you can create nude, smokey or glittery eyeshadow looks. The two blushers also means you can also create a subtle pink cheek or a more stand out look and of course the packaging is really pretty too.

This is a Christmas special which is still being sold for now, so be quick if you want to get it!

Let me know your thoughts on this Cheek & Eye Palette.

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