The Body Shop-Colour Crush Nail Polish

Around Christmas time, I received this lovely Body Shop Colour Crush nail polish. Initially I thought this would be great for Christmas time as it’s a festive colour, but as I’ve only just round to trying it, it’ll make a great romantic red for Valentines Day.


So the shade I have is called Relish The Moment and it’s a gorgeous mid-red that’s not too bright nor too dark.

Here’s just a few pros and cons of this particular polish.


  • The Colour! The Colour Crush range has a beautiful selection of shades and this red is one of my favourites that I own. As I said it’s a fairly mid-tone colour that will suit all.
  • It lasts-Many of my nail polishes chip or look uneven by the first day. This one has so far lasted a couple of days without chipping or coming off, which is good for me.
  • It applies well-I used two layers of this polish to get a bolder colour, but I found even using just one layer gave a good, even colour.


  • The consistency-My biggest issue with this nail polish is the consistency. It’s not a watery polish but it is a lot more liquidy and thinner than other polishes I own. The problem I had with this is that it was so messy to use. My hands, around my nails, everything was covered in nail polish, which took quite some time to clean off.

Below is a photo of my nails after using the polish. It definitely shows up as a brighter red in photos than it does in real life.


Overall I loved this polish as the colour and wear is good, however it’s the messiest nail polish I own. I probably wont use this as much as other ones I own due to the time it took to clean my hands and nails! That said, I would still try other Body Shop nail polishes and I’d probably try more of the Colour Crush range.

Let me know your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “The Body Shop-Colour Crush Nail Polish

  1. I agree it’s more liquid than nail polishes usually are, but for me it actually makes applying it easier. Since it’s more liquid, you don’t have to take so much on a brush and it applies even on the nail. Also, practice makes perfect 😉 I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I didn’t mess up my nails when I did this week’s manicure. 🌼

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