Max Factor Eyeshadow Palette

For Christmas, I got this pretty Max Factor Masterpiece Nudes Palette. It contains eight different eyeshadow colours and I have it in the colour 01 Cappuccino Nudes.


What I like about this set is that it has a gorgeous selection of soft pinks, as well as browns and pretty shimmers. All of the colours are wearable and it’s a different palette to ones I already own.

Below are the swatches.


Starting left to right, is the lightest shade which is a pearly white. The second colour is a creamy off-white, followed by a dusty pink shimmer, before the palette moves on to the brown toned colours.

So, the fourth shade is a light brown, followed by another sparkly shadow which is a dusty pink/brown colour. Then there’s a mid-dark brown, a brown shimmer with hints of bronze and finally a very dark brown/black shade.

In this set I love the shimmer eyeshadows the most, as the colours are multi-tonal, making them a bit more unusual. I find some of the darker shades in this palette a bit samey, so they’ll probably be my least used colours.

Below is a picture of me using two of the shimmer eyeshadows.


For a high street palette I’m really impressed, as there are a good selection of colours in this sleekly packaged set. My only criticism is that there is a bit of fall out, so you need to use less product to avoid this.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of Max Factors eyeshadow sets.

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