Coconut Oil For Beauty


For the past few years, I’ve seen celebrities and magazines boast about the benefits of coconut oil. Recently I caved in and decided to give Vita Coco’s one a try.

Great for beauty as well as cooking, this can be used on the face, body and hair to hydrate and moisturise. For only £5.99 for this large jar, it’s quite the bargain for a multi-use product.

Upon opening the coconut oil, I was firstly hit by it’s gorgeous scent. Whilst most face and body products are full of unnatural chemicals that don’t smell too pleasant, this product is organic and has a fresh coconut scent.

The second thing I noticed is how solid the oil appears in the jar. However, upon scooping out a small amount of product, it quickly turns into a liquid.



I’ve been using the coconut oil as a nightly moisturiser and it works really well for my combination skin. It’s not too greasy and I’ve suffered no break outs, if anything my skin has cleared up since I began using this!

As it’s an oil formula, it does take a bit more massaging into the skin than a regular moisturiser, which I guess should be expected.

My only complaint with the coconut oil is, I don’t feel this hydrates my dry patches quite as well as a regular night cream, but it has improved the appearance of my skin overall. My skin is clearer, glowing and feels more balanced.

I would definitely recommend giving coconut oil a try. For under £6 a jar it’s a great product for cooking and to add to your beauty collection.

18 thoughts on “Coconut Oil For Beauty

  1. Great review! I’ve been loving coconut oil lately too. It’s really soothing but you’re right – it doesn’t really do much for really dry patches except cool them off. Have you tried rubbing a little into the ends of your hair and leaving it in until you shower the next morning? I’ve been loving it as a sort of mask for dry ends.

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    1. Thank you☺ Now I’ve been using it for a while I can say I love it! I find it works better on the oily parts of my face which is strange. I haven’t yet. I want to use it on the ends of my hair and actually use it for cooking too☺ x

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      1. I was worried it would make food just taste of coconut haha. Did your food taste different? I might try cooking something small with it, as I’m not sure if I’d like it x

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  2. Coconut oil is AMAZING, one of the best things for removing makeup as well. if you’re looking for the BEST hair oil, though, i would recommend jasmine oil – it’s £1 for a massive bottle in boots near the ethnic section but it will change your life. lovely blog btw x

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