Urban Decay Glitter Eyeliner in Junkshow


I’ve raved before about how great Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Eyeliners are, and now I have another of their gorgeous, glittery eyeliners to add to my collection.

I got the shade Junkshow, which is a pretty mid-pink with accents of other colours running through the glitter. What I love about these eyeliners is that they’re not flat one-dimensional colours, they’re multi-tonal glitters that have fleks of blue, orange and green running through them.

Below is a swatch of the eyeliner.


This pink is a real stand out shade, that looks gorgeous used as an eyeliner, and also on the lids as a sparkly eyeshadow. These glitters are incredibly long wearing with no flakiness or fading, which is why I love them so much.

Below is me wearing the Junkshow glitter as an eyeshadow.



Let me know if you’ve tried any of Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitters. 

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