Garnier Micellar Water

I have to admit, I’ve tried Micellar Waters in the past and been woefully disappointed; but with everyone raving about Garnier’s one, I decided to give it a try!

I bought the travel sized bottle which is 125ml compared to 400ml for the full sized product. Despite the larger size being better value for money, I’ve never finished a bottle of Micellar Water before, so I played it safe by getting the smaller size.


To use this product, I applied it to cotton pads and swiped over my face. It cut through my foundation, concealer and blush no problem, and felt as light and gentle as using water. To check how the Micellar Water did, I ran a face wipe over my skin and no makeup showed up on the wipe. So far very impressive!

Now the big challenge, eye makeup! Mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow is always hard to remove, so I was eager to see if this could remove it as easily as it did with the rest of my makeup.

As with most makeup removers, it required a fair bit of rubbing to take my eye makeup off. It took longer than face wipes and the Micellar Water irritated my eyes, leaving them a bit red and sore. I’ve yet to find a liquid makeup remover that doesn’t irritate my eyes, so I’ve had to use face wipes to take off my eye makeup.

So overall I’ve quite liked Garnier’s Micellar Water. It removes my face makeup easily enough and feels gentle on my skin, however it does make my face feel a bit drier after use. I’m also disappointed it stings my eyes, so I’ve had to still use face wipes to remove my eye makeup. I haven’t used the Micellar Water as much as I expected too, as I still prefer face wipes, but I will use this bottle up and I probably would purchase it again.

Let me know if you’ve tried Garnier’s Micellar Water.

19 thoughts on “Garnier Micellar Water

  1. I’ve seen so many people talking about this now, I definitely will have to try it although I’m not sure I’ll like it if it leaves skin feeling dry afterwards? Oh well, I’ll give it a try! Have you tried using an eye makeup remover instead of wipes / micellar waters? I use the L’oreal one which is really good and doesnt irritate my eyes x

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    1. I know it’s such a popular product☺ It doesn’t make skin feel tight and uncomfortable, but my skin does feel a bit drier after using this. I have tried eye makeup removers but liquid products seem to irritate my eyes sadly x


  2. Have you tried The Body Shop’s camomile waterproof eye makeup remover? It’s a two part solution, so you shake it to activate, it is liquid but requires no rubbing, so it’s much more gentle, and camomile is soothing too! You just shake it and pour it onto a cotton pad, press it onto you eye for a minute and it all comes off! It works a treat for me with waterproof mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, the works! xxx

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  3. I’ve not found a micellar water that is suitable for removing eye makeup. But I do really love micellar waters when used in conjunction with cleansing oils. I use the cleansing oil first to breakdown all the product, rinse it all with water and pat dry. Then I go over my face with the micellar water as my 2nd step cleansing. It gets rid of all the remaining residue and isn’t too stripping of my skin. 🙂 I’ve not tried the Garnier one but I plan to pick up soon!

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  4. I have tried few (L’Oréal, and something else) and I was disappointed in all of them. Taking face makeup off wasn’t a problem to any but removing eye makeup was a challenge.

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