NYX Lip Creams


After seeing NYX’s Matte Lip Creams everywhere, I knew I had to try them myself. I bought three colours, so here’s my review of each shade and how I found the lip creams overall.

NYX Lip Cream in Milan


My go to lip colour is a light to medium pink, so Milan is definitely a brighter, bolder choice for me. As I ordered online, this shade is a more of a stand out colour than I was expecting, but it’s definitely wearable nonetheless. I’d describe this as a cool toned medium pink/purple that has a hint of brightness to it.

For a fairly bold lip colour, there’s little transfer due to it’s matte texture, however, I still wore a lip liner underneath to prevent any bleeding.

Below is a swatch and me wearing Milan.



NYX Lip Cream in London


London is the shade I was most excited about, as it’s that on trend, Kylie Jenner style brown. On me I have to say the result was pretty disappointing. This shade showed up as more of a nude lip colour as opposed to brown, so it did nothing for my fair complexion.

It applied the creamiest and most hydrating of the three lip creams I bought, but still had a matte finish. For such a light shade it didn’t show up any dry patches or lines on my lips, however it’s definitely not the brown colour I was hoping for.

Below is a swatch and me wearing London.



NYX Lip Cream in Stockholm


Online I’ve often seen Stockholm described as a more pinky brown version of the London lip cream. In the tube both shades appeared similar, however, Stockholm is completely different to what I was expecting. On me it’s very much a peachy coral with a hint of orange.

It warmed my complexion up more than London, but I didn’t find this shade flattering on me. It’s also the driest of the three lip creams and the most patchy.

Below is a swatch and me wearing Stockholm.




  • A vast range of colours to choose from.
  • Affordable.
  • Long wearing.
  • Truly matte lip creams.


  • Colours show up different to expected.
  • Drying.
  • Can build up and become heavy and patchy.

As a lover of glossy lip products, it was always going to be hard to convert me to a matte lip, and NYX hasn’t suceeded. The colours were disappointing, the formula too drying and it felt too heavy and clumpy on my lips. I couldn’t wait to remove the lip creams by the end of the day, so it’s a thumbs down from me.

Let me know if you’ve tried NYX’s Lip Creams. 

29 thoughts on “NYX Lip Creams

  1. The colors look so pretty on you 😘 its a shame they didn’t have a good formulation. I was thinking of trying these will look elsewhere thanks for the review!

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  2. I’ve never tried one of these and due to your review I will never do it because I also like glossy lip products. But I really like the first colour on you 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I personally really enjoy these lip creams! Copenhagen is my absolute favourite and I didn’t find them during at all (they’re actually my second favourite matte lip product). It’s a shame they didn’t work out so well for you, as they do suit you wonderfully! xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree. I don’t like the feel of dry lips, so I knew there was a good chance I wouldn’t love matte products. I can see why other people would love these lip creams though☺ I haven’t tried them yet. Are they good? X


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