Collection Highlighter


I’m fairly new to highlighters, but in the past 5-6 weeks I’ve gone mad trying and buying different ones. There’s one particular highlighter that I’ve fallen in love with and it’s Collection’s Speedy Highlighter in 01 Pearl Sheen.

Collection currently only sell one highlighting stick and it’s in a soft, suits all pink/champagne shade, that catches the light but isn’t glittery or shimmery. What makes me love this product even more is that it only costs £3.99, so it’s a total bargain.

The big problem I have with most highlighters, is that they’re usually an overly frosty white/silver which is too stark and harsh, or they’re a yellow gold colour, which is even worse at blending into my cool skin tone. This highlighter swatches as a soft pink/champagne shade, which is somewhere in the middle of the two colours I mentioned above.

Below is a swatch of the highlighter. It shows up as more of a silver shade in photos.



I apply a fair bit of this highlighter at the top of my cheeks before and after applying blush, and then pat the product into my skin. Many highlighters can lift up or make my powder foundation patchy, but this highlighter sits beautifully even on my skin. On the days I wear this, I often have people tell me I look glowing and healthy, so for me this is a real wonder product.

Below is some photos of me wearing this highlighter.



Let me know what highlighters you love.

33 thoughts on “Collection Highlighter

    1. Aaw thank you☺ When I tested it in the shop it didn’t wow me, but I heard such good things about it I just bought it. Definitely worth buying, it just blends to such a nice glow☺ xx

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      1. I don’t think you can buy it in shops which is why I made an online order. I’d heard so many good things about them I knew I was going to order things at some point. I had a difficult time narrowing down which products to choose haha xx

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      2. That’s good because in countries like the US and Canada I don’t think they can really get it. So interesting you can get it so far away☺ Oh yeah it’s all so affordable so it’s tough to choose what to buy. The highlighter you got is gorgeous. I have so many highlighters to try but I love the look of that one now☺ xx

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  1. It takes a lot of practice to get this right. In the past if I had a special event I would love to use a highlighter but never got it perfect. I like that you bring this topic up, reminds me I need to be creative!

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  2. Pretty! I like how you added it to your inner eye corners. I have the same issue with highlighters being too frosty / white too. My favourite so far has been Shiseido’s Luminizing Satin Face Color in High Beam White. It’s very subtle and no glitter, just a sheen.

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    1. Thank you☺ I was looking at Becca’s but I have a feeling the shades are not quite right. I can see the lightest shade could be too frosty and the next shade up is more yellow. I’ll have to look online at Shiseido. It’s not a brand you see much here. I’ve discovered I’m not big on glittery highlighters, I prefer a more natural glow, so Shiseido’s sounds good x


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