King Kylie Nail Polish


Recently in Superdrug, a nail polish stand caught my eye. I took a closer look and saw a brand I’d never seen before, called SinfulColors. After a quick look online, I found out that it’s an American brand who Kylie Jenner has recently teamed up with. She’s collaborated with them to release her own three part collection.

The shade that caught my eye was Kryptonite from the King Kylie collection. The KK collection is described as a range of ‘Precious Metals & Crown Jewels’, so you can expect some opulent colours. Her other two ranges are more for everyday wear and features lots of matte nail polishes.

Kryptonite is described as a teal green, which I’d say is fairly accurate. It also has a hint of emerald to it, which makes this shade suit the jewel themed collection it comes from. It has a metallic finish and lots of shimmer running through it, which looks beautiful when it catches the light.


On to the formula of the nail polish itself. The brush for this polish is a bit too small for my liking and I was initially worried that the formula looked too thin and watery, however, despite the consistency, it’s not a runny or messy nail polish. I applied the first coat and it gave a fairly translucent finish.

I applied a second coat and was impressed at how much bolder the colour was and the good, full coverage. I could have applied a third coat of colour for a more intense green, but I was satisfied with how my nails looked.

As this range is described as a two part process to give a gel like finish, I also purchased the top coat from SinfulColors. It’s a slightly thicker than normal top coat, which applied smoothly and dried quickly. I would say my nails were fairly shiny, but it didn’t give a completely gel like finish.


My nail polish lasted for four days before chipping, which is excellent for me. All the SinfulColors nail polishes are £3 each and an extra £3 if you choose to purchase the top coat too. Despite not expecting much from this nail polish, I’m massively impressed. I loved the colour, it lasted well and had a fairly shiny finish, so I would definitely purchase more shades.

Below is some photos of my nails.




Let me know if you’ve tried any of SinfulColors nail polishes. 

22 thoughts on “King Kylie Nail Polish

    1. It’s a really lovely colour. I’ve been really impressed by this nail polish! Aaw thank you. I think it’s named well, I like the idea of a jewel toned collection. No it’s super cheap for over here. Even Barry M costs more, so I’m pleased I’ve found a brand that’s good and affordable☺ x

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      1. Oh that’s disappointing. I looked at it online and it looks like it should be such a pretty colour, but it does look pretty much translucent and see through. It’d be better if it had more colour. Xx


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