May Favourites

For me May felt like a bit of a slow month, but it still seems like my monthly favourites has come around quick! So here’s what I’ve loved in May.

King Kylie Nail Polish in the shade Kryptonite


Kylie Jenner recently collaborated with the brand SinfulColors to release her own collection of nail polishes, and the one I have is from the King Kylie collection. Kryptonite is a jewel green shade and it has a really beautiful metallic finish. I wasn’t expecting much as I’d never heard of the brand SinfulColors and the nail polish only costs £3, but it looks great and is long lasting.

Collection Speedy Highlighter


I’ve been going a bit mad buying highlighters recently, but this one has been my favourite so far. It’s a suits all pink champagne shade, which gives skin a beautiful, natural glow. It also only costs £3.99, so it’s a real steal.

Palmolive Gourmet Chocolate Shower Gel


This has been my favourite shower gel/cream over the past month, as it has the most gorgeous chocolatey scent. It also feels rich and creamy, so it’s a real treat to wash with.

Grounded Chocolate Orange Lip Balm


I used this up and mentioned it in my recent Empties post, before I could even feature it in my monthly favourites! This lip balm smells pretty nice, but it’s the way it feels on my lips that I loved. I’ve never known a lip balm to feel as glossy and wet on my lips as this one. It feels gorgeously hydrating, so I really enjoyed using it.

Asda The Jungle Book Pyjama Set


I mentioned this pyjama set in my last shopping haul post and it deserves a mention here as it’s so cute! I love Asda’s pyjama sets as they have a great selection of Disney and other adorable prints and they also feel really comfortable to wear.

Cadbury Crunchie Rocks


This is the first time I’ve ever mentioned a food item in my favourites, but I absolutely love Crunchie Rocks! I always used to stock up on these, but for some reason the supermarkets close to me stopped selling them, until now! I love the mix of honeycomb and smooth chocolate, it seems to taste better as small pieces rather than as a Crunchie chocolate bar.

Sheesh Restaurant


Last but not least is my favourite restaurant Sheesh, which I visited way back at the start of the month. Sheesh is a real treat for me, as it’s a stunningly designed restaurant and the food is absolutely amazing. I’ve yet to find a place that does better food than here.

So that’s my May Favourites. Let me know what you’ve loved this month. 

26 thoughts on “May Favourites

  1. those pyjamas are so cute perfect for a girlie sleep over! i loved the palmolive chocolate shower cream. this month i was a little pampered…i got myself some perfume….Estee Lauder’s Pleasures….my favourite…thanks for sharing the things that make you happy!

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    1. They are very cute. I do love sweet pyjamas. The shower cream is lovely. I find I just keep smelling it before I use it, as I love the scent so much☺ You deserve a treat. It’s always nice to treat yourself to a little luxury like a perfume☺ x

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      1. i am more of a nightie person but i love the sweet cute colours and designs. i even use perfume before i go to bed…i am a little crazy like that! i love all the things you select to show us…reflection of your sweet nature

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      2. I like the cute colours and designs too. They’re really comfortable pyjamas as well. Haha well I love to spray perfume too. Even when I’m going nowhere it’s sometimes nice to just smell the perfume. Aaw thank you. You’re always very sweet☺ x

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