June Favourites

If May was a slow month for me, then June flew by at lightening quick speed. Here’s my favourites for the month.

Barry M Nail Polishes

Barry M’s nail polishes have been my favourites lately. The Molten Metal range is stunning and I loved the shades Copper Mine and Bronze Bae in particular. Both look like melted metal with a beautiful shimmer running through them. I also loved the nail polish Laguna from the Coconut Infusion range, as it’s the most perfect sky blue.

The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter

The Body Shop definitely deserves a mention this month, as I’ve ordered loads from them due to their amazing sales. (See here for my shopping haul post).

As well as being a little bit obsessed with buying everything the Body Shop has to offer, I’ve also loved the Passion Fruit Body Butter. I got this free with a previous order and it’s hands down the nicest body moisturiser I’ve ever used. It has a scent like a fresh fruit smoothie and is just as nourishing as the Body Shop’s other Body Butters.


I’ve been meaning to include these hair bobbles in a Favourites post for months now. I first picked these up in Germany last year and now I could never go back to using regular hair bands. These don’t tug or snag hair, they keep hairstyles in place and also leave less indents and marks in hair.

Skin Saviours

The weather in the UK is currently pretty humid with a tonne of rain and storms. With the weather being crazy, my skin’s been breaking out and also looking drier than usual. The first product I’ve been using is Lush’s Eau Roma Water, which is a very gentle toner for drier skin and has a soft rose scent. My favourite ever toner is Lush’s Tea Tree one, which I use in the morning to control shine and I use this one at night to add a bit of much needed moisture.

My second skin saviour is Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream, which I apply at night time. I recently finished up my pot of this moisturiser and it’s taken me until now, to realise just how good it is. Now I’ve got into the routine of applying this nightly, my skin looks healthier, glowing and clearer. It provides a reasonable amount of moisture, but for those with very dry skin, you’ll probably need a richer moisturiser than this one.

An Impending Holiday

As the title suggests, I go on holiday soon! I leave this Sunday and will be back on Friday, so it’s a fairly short break. Me and my partner have been to Malta twice before and it’s a place that we both love for the beaches, food, people and sites. I can’t wait to escape the incredibly gloomy British weather, so this trip’s come at a good time.

So that’s my June Favourites. Let me know what you’ve been loving. 

40 thoughts on “June Favourites

  1. June passed so fast because its like we are chasing the sun! I hope you have an amazing time in Malta and see new things as you have been before and recharge yourself. Sun and don’t burn! Have a good time away!

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    1. Barry M’s nail polishes are great. They do so many different ranges and pretty shades. Haha look it up. You use it just like a hair bobble, but it’s really strange when you first use it☺ Thank you xx

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  2. I can see why all of these are your favourites, particularly the nail polishes and the body butter! I can’t wait to be able to smell the body butter one day haha! I hope you enjoy your little trip away and get that sunshine you’ve been after 😃 x

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    1. Thank you. The nail polishes and the body butter are really lovely, I hope you get to smell it in store. I definitely need some sunshine, it’s freezing today. We’re at the airport now, so not long ’til we’re off☺ x

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  3. I keep seeing these hair bobbles on so many blogs and everyone loves them. I really need to try them as I have to keep my hair tied everyday at work.

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    1. Haha you’re so right. I was trying to think of what the hair bands remind me of and it is a telephone wire😂 They do look weird and feel strange when you first try them, but they are good x

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  4. Invisibobble looks interesting! Can I just ask if you’ve noticed if my posts still come up on your feed? I switched to a self hosted wordpress blog a couple of weeks ago but I’m unsure whether my followers came across with me or whether people have to re resubscribe, it’s so confusing! It’s http://www.emmaplusthree.com by the way 🙂 x

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    1. They’re really good hair bobbles. Give them a try if you ever see them around☺ I can see your posts and I didn’t have to resubscribe. I can’t comment anymore though xx


  5. I scoffed at Invisibobbles before but now that I have them, I love them as well!
    And very envious of your Malta trip – I’ve always wanted to visit. I’m sure we’ll see wonderful pictures!

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    1. Haha yes me too. I thought how good can they really be but they’re great! I’ll start posting about Malta in the next week or so. It’s one of my favourite places as I’ve been three times☺ x

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      1. Three times in three years🙈 We didn’t plan to go so many times but we just love it there. Yes the flights only a few hours from the UK, so it’s not that far x

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