OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips

In a recent shopping haul, I mentioned that I bought one of OPI’s nail polishes. Despite loving the beautiful shades that OPI has to offer and always having my nails done with their polishes at spa days, I’ve never actually owned any of their products.

Of course I had to change that, so I picked up the shade Kiss Me on My Tulips. As I didn’t research shades before going shopping, I spent a long time browsing the wide variety of colours on offer.

Kiss Me on My Tulips is a vibrant pink that stands out, but isn’t too bright. I was expecting more of a straight up pink, but this has beautiful purple undertones, that I think is just gorgeous.

One coat of this polish gives pretty good coverage, but I always apply two for a stronger colour. One of the things I noticed about this nail polish is that it doesn’t have a very glossy finish, however a top coat will rectify this problem.

Below is some photos of my nails.

Where this product lets itself down, is it’s lack of lasting power. On my feet it’s lasted for weeks as most nail polishes do, however on my fingers it started to chip pretty badly within a day.

Overall, I really love the colour of this nail polish, but I am disappointed it’s not long wearing. As I got this predominantly to use for my toes so they look nice in sandals, I will continue to use it, but I’m less likely to use it as often on my fingers.

Let me know if you’re a fan of OPI’s nail polishes. 

20 thoughts on “OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips

  1. I really like the color! I am not a big fan of OPI, since it is more expensive and I think there are some less expensive yet higher quality brands out there. As you mentioned, it chips quite easily. The color looks great on your nails though! 🙂 xx

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    1. It’s a beautiful colour, which I bought to use on my feet really. I agree, I find all the expensive nail polishes chip quickly on my fingers, yet the more affordable ones like Barry M last longer on me☺ x

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  2. I loved this colour when you first posted about it and I still do! Personally I like OPI and I get on well with it, but it’s a shame to hear this didn’t last as long as you would have liked. It’s odd how polish lasts so much longer on toes than fingers, I never paint my toes though lol xx

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    1. It’s a beautiful colour, it was really hard to choose as they’re all so nice☺ Haha well when I go for spa days I always have my feet done, so I’m used to having pink OPI polish on my feet not my hands. It’s very strange it lasts on feet and not hands though. I’ve got a couple more OPI shades now, so I’ll see how they last☺ xx

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