Hyper Japan Festival

Hyper Japan is an event held twice a year in London, once in summer and once in late November. Despite being called a festival, it’s an event more focused on stalls and food than just music and I went yesterday for the first time.

The summer event is held at Kensington Olympia, which is a large conference and exhibition centre. The event started Friday and finishes today. Both the summer and Christmas Hyper Japan Festivals last for three days.

Below is some photos of the Hyper Japan Festival inside Kensington Olympia.

I can safely say I wasn’t expecting too much from Hyper Japan. I’ve attended various exhibitions and events at Kensington Olympia and not been too impressed, but Hyper Japan far exceeded my expectations.

Spread over two floors, there was enough to see and do, to keep me entertained for well over four hours.

There’s a main stage for music, a gaming area and tonnes of stalls. I started by trying a delicious lemon curd cake topped with meringue pieces.

It was difficult to choose just one flavour, as they all looked so delicious!

Followed by my first time trying vegetable Gyoza. I’ll definitely be trying Gyoza again, as the dumplings were crispy yet soft and packed full of flavour.

I stopped off at Tofu Cute, which sells all sorts of amazing Japanese items, from cute teddies to quirky flavoured Kit Kats. I’ll be writing about all the bits I bought, in a separate post.

Some of the soft toys on sale to buy.

I got a photo with Pikachu, who everyone wanted to be seen with following the success of the recent Pokemon Go game.

I got grabbed by the claw in the grabber machine.

And finally, I got a photo with lots of adorable toys and teddies.

Unsurprisingly I spent most of the day browsing stalls for cute and quirky bits to buy, so keep a look out for my post on what I got this week.

I had a great time at the Hyper Japan Festival and hopefully I’ll get to go again for the Christmas Markets in November.

24 thoughts on “Hyper Japan Festival

  1. Oh wow! Last month there was a Thai “festival” in Kraków. It limited itself to ca. 10 stalls with food which already went missing after a few hours, haha… Wish I was there for the Hyper Japan Festival!

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  2. I read this on Joyce’s blog too! I’m so envious. Why don’t we have something like this here?! Everything looks so KAWAII! And I would have stuffed myself silly with the food. 😀

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    1. I know I saw Joyce’s post too and some other blogs on it too. They should definitely do an event like this where you are, it’s a lot of fun☺ Everything certaintly was kawaii and the food was nice. Especially the Gyoza☺ x

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