Hyper Japan Shopping Haul

In my last post I mentioned that I visited the Hyper Japan Festival in London, so here’s a look at what I bought whilst I was there.

Strawberry and Matcha Green Tea Kit Kats

Kit Kat’s are much loved in Japan and it’s well known that they sell a wide variety of unique flavours! I picked up some of the yummy sounding Strawberry ones, as well as a box of the Matcha Green Tea flavour, as they’re a bit more unusual.

Hello Panda Strawberry Filled Biscuits

You can buy these little panda shaped biscuits outside of events like this, but I’ve never tried them before. Not only do I love the cute design of these biscuits, but they sound pretty tasty too.

Pokka Ice Peach Tea

Another item you can get over here, but I’ve never tried. I find Peach Iced Tea really refreshing in the summer, so I’ll be trying this soon.

Pineapple Flavoured Soft Drink

I can’t quite read what brand this drink is, but the quirky glass bottle and the fruity range of flavours drew me in. I picked up the Pineapple flavour, as it’s a bit different to what I usually go for.

My Melody Purse

I’d never heard of the character or show My Melody, until I picked up this adorable purse and read about it online. Despite my lack of My Melody knowledge, this is a gorgeously soft bunny purse, that has a zippy compartment and a section for cards at the back.

Wooly The Sheep/Ram Teddy

I’m not a huge fan of soft toys, mostly because I have nowhere to really store them, but I had to get this adorable one. It has super soft ‘wool’ and is really cuddly.

Tofu Cute Alpaca Cloth Bag

After buying Wooly the sheep, I didn’t have a big enough bag to carry him around in. The Tofu Cute stall was selling cloth bags, so I picked this one up.

Squeezy Teddy Mirror

Hyper Japan had a whole range of soft, squishy mirrors on chains. I picked up this teddy one, but they had plenty of other designs such as doughnut shaped ones, burgers and many more. If you lift up the bears head, there’s a mirror inside. My only gripe is that I think they could have put two mirrors inside this compact, as there’s some wasted space inside. But I think it’s a unique and fun mirror to carry in my bag.

8th Sin Pink Glittery Ring

One of the companies at Hyper Japan was 8th Sin, who I’d never heard of until the weekend. I spent a long time browsing their stall, as not only do they sell some beautiful jewellery, but it’s also really affordable. I picked up this ring for £5.

Pink and Purple Hair/Clothes Bow

This pastel coloured bow is a pretty clip decoration, that I’ll either use in my hair or on my clothes.

Japanese Girl Pen and Vitamin Ballpen

I’m a sucker for nice pens and stationery, so I had to get these two pens. The Japanese girl pen is girly and sweet and the Vitamin Ballpen is that bit different. You pull off the lid and the pen drops down.

Alpaca & Sheep Stickers

Another little item I picked up is these stickers. It’s rare I buy things like this, but I thought it would brighten up some of my notepads and make them a bit more fun.

Molang Diary

I already own two diaries so I didn’t really need another one, but the soft, leather feel of this diary and the mint green colour drew me in. I intend to use this as my blogging schedule and diary, so I like that I can write the dates inside myself. Inside the diary is small illustrations of Molang, which is a cartoon rabbit.

So that’s my Hyper Japan Haul complete. My partner will probably stash away some of these items for my birthday next month, as he bought me these goodies. Let me know what bits you loved. 

32 thoughts on “Hyper Japan Shopping Haul

  1. Your purchases are so adorable!
    The green tea Kit Kats are really good. I’ve only had them once because they’re kinda expensive here, but definitely worth a try. The strawberry ones look good, too! I grew up on those Hello Panda biscuits, lol – they’re really cute!

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  2. everything looks really cute and fun but green tea kit kat is a favourite here and its nit so easily available so i always get friends to bring them back from airport duty free shops. we have a Japanese retail outlet called Daiso that sell all sorts of these cutsy stuff for $5 wich is really cheap here and i could spend a whole day there! i lovede the soft squishy mirror you showed, thats unique!

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    1. I like green tea, so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy the Kit Kat’s☺ I’d love an affordable Japanese shop. I always find their stuff really cute. It’s a really unique mirror. It feels nice too☺ x

      Liked by 2 people

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