My Holiday to Malta-Day 1

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was going on holiday to Malta. I went away for five days at the start of the month and it’s my third holiday to Malta in three years, so it’s obvious that I love it there!

I’ll be doing a series of posts, showing you what I got up to when I was away and I’ll also do a post on top places to visit whilst in Malta.

My flight going to Malta was an early one. I got up at 3.30am and me and my partner left for the airport by 5am. As we both wanted something a bit greasy and satisfying to wake us up, we headed to McDonald’s. I had a bagel with Philadelphia cheese and hash browns, washed down with orange juice to kick start my day.

A selfie on the plane there.

We checked into the Maritim Antonine Hotel & Spa in Mellieha, which is the same 4-star hotel we’ve stayed in each time. Whilst many people choose to stay in the East of Malta due to cheaper holiday deals and better night life, Mellieha which is in the North of the country, is more up our street. There’s better beaches, it’s more relaxed and also less touristy.

Some pictures of our hotel room.

After unpacking we stopped off at Debbie’s Cafe, which is on the same street as our hotel. Debbie’s will be mentioned in a lot of my posts, so I wont say too much yet, but we picked up these amazing Banoffee and Oreo cupcakes.

We then preceded to explore some of the back streets of Mellieha. Despite staying in the area twice before, we’ve mainly stuck to the main road where the shops are. We walked up the steep up-hill streets, which looked empty and like there was nothing to see, but there was in fact beautiful houses, churches and places to eat up there.

I stopped to admire the artwork.

Before taking photos of the Parish Church of Mellieha, which was sadly closed but still beautiful nonetheless.

As the church is set up high, there’s wonderful views across the sea. Here’s another selfie of me and partner, with the view behind us.

We then stumbled across a tranquil garden with a fountain, which is the grounds of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mellieha, close to the church I mentioned above.

We then went inside the Sanctuary itself.

On the walls inside the Sanctuary, there’s letters from people thanking Our Lady for healing sickness and illnesses. Some of the letters were incredibly moving to read.

Walking back on to the main road in Mellieha, we stopped off at Our Lady of the Grotto, which is an underground chapel. I came here on my first ever holiday to Malta and found it unusual and just as with the Sanctuary of our Lady of Mellieha, moving.

Letters line the walls thanking Our Lady for watching over them, asking her to also watch over those who are deceased and children’s clothes are also pinned to the walls, as she is mostly said to protect them. There’s a statue of Our Lady at the front of the chapel, with fresh running water beneath her.

After freshening up at the hotel, we hopped on to an open top bus to go to a village feast in Luqa. The journey was somewhat treacherous, as we kept stopping to pick up others along the way. We finally arrived at Luqa after two and a half hours.

Each village in Malta has it’s own feast and this one was for St. Andrew. The streets were lined with decorations, with people gathered along the streets talking and eating. The church was beautifully decorated, as they always are for the feasts.

Inside the Parish Church of St. Andrew.

We listened to brass brands play, explored the stalls and had a budget dinner of pizza and chips, which was surprisingly delicious.

Towards the end of the festivities, we watched a statue of the saint being carried into the church, fireworks explode in the sky in the distance and the beautiful lights sparkle on the church.

Tired after a day of travelling and exploring, we climbed back on to the bus, ready for bed and ready for day two of our holiday.

15 thoughts on “My Holiday to Malta-Day 1

  1. i like that you have such a cute balcony to sit and drink while looking down below at all thats happening. i have not seen or read much about Malta but from your post it seems such a pretty place to visit. the sun seems very strong, is it? really enjoyed your sharing….lovely descriptions and that you did so much in just a day.

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    1. It’s the first time we’ve had a balcony in Malta, so it was nice to have the option to sit outside. Malta is lovely. In my posts I have a lot more pictures, so you’ll get to see more of it☺ It’s very hot in the summer there, but it’s a dry heat so I find it more manageable. We always try to do a lot in one day. I like to see as much as I can☺ Glad you enjoyed the post. I’ll be doing the rest of the Malta posts the rest of the week x

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    1. It was a really great trip. This is the second time we’ve got to see a traditional celebration in Malta. It’s really nice to be there for the celebrations☺ Thank you. I’ll be posting day 2 later today☺ x

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