Malta Day 2-Valletta

As usual on holiday we woke up bright and early for our first full day in Malta. Despite the early hour, the sign outside showed it was set to be a hot day.

We walked along the street to Debbie’s Cafe for breakfast.

As I mentioned in my last post, Debbie’s Cafe is a small place located on the same road as our hotel. We only discovered Debbie’s towards the end of our holiday in Malta last year, as before that we’d been enduring the hotel’s lacklustre breakfast buffet.

Debbie’s isn’t your ordinary greasy cafe, it’s clean, elegant and quintessentially British. The food is amazing and the way everything is presented, including the pretty china, is spot on.

I had beans on toast, which is served on thickly cut fresh bread and my partner had a traditional fried breakfast.

Feeling full up, we booked a taxi to take us to Malta’s capital Valletta. Despite this being our third visit to the capital in three years, there’s always so much to see and do. Starting with shopping!

Walking through the streets of Valletta, I saw a shop called Roseberry. It didn’t look too exciting from the outside, until I spotted NYX and Teeez counters.

Of course I picked up a few bits, but only from Teeez as the NYX things I wanted were out of stock. I’ll be doing a holiday shopping haul soon.

After browsing a few more shops, we walked to the Upper Barrakka Gardens. How I’ve never visited here before, I don’t know.

It’s a tranquil garden that you just wouldn’t expect to find in a city. People were eating their lunch on the benches and sitting underneath the trees for some much needed shade from the heat.

We spent a long time admiring the gardens and walked through the arches to see even more spectacular views of the city and the sea. The Upper Barrakka Gardens are easily one of my highlights from my Malta trip this time, for the beautiful views and the tranquility.

Heading back into the city we stopped off at a church so out the way, it’s easy to miss. That church is the Collegiate Parish Church of St Paul’s Shipwreck.

There are many churches dedicated to St. Paul as in AD 90 he was shipwrecked on the island and brought Christianity to the population. In the church are bones from the saints wrist and part of the column upon which he was beheaded on in Rome.

Follwing on from the church, we visited the small but perfectly formed Manoel Theatre. Seen as the country’s national theatre, it holds and hosts many shows and events.

The ceiling which looks 3D, is in fact a very clever painting, that creates a domed shape.

There’s also outfits and more featured in a small museum before you enter the theatre itself. Despite online sites stating the theatre does tours with a guide, it doesn’t. You simply turn up and use an audio guide for information.

We did a final walk through Valletta’s steep streets.

Before getting a taxi to lively St. Julians for dinner. We first heard of the restaurant Badass Burgers two years ago and we finally got around to going!

Badass is an unusual restaurant, as you enter a building, climb the stairs and go out into a partially covered, garden style restaurant. I really loved the relaxed vibe and the look of the restaurant.

The food however, didn’t wow me. My partner had a cheese burger and fries which he enjoyed, whilst my meal was disappointing. The fries were tasty but my mushroom burger was watery and flavourless, not to mention smothered in crispy onions.

The cocktails were fantastic and refreshing though!

With sore feet after a day of pounding the streets of Valletta, we headed back to our hotel, ready for day 3.

14 thoughts on “Malta Day 2-Valletta

  1. 42C! Oh geez. The beans on toast, now I’m craving it! Such a nice comfort food. 🙂
    Teeez just recently became available here and I’ve really enjoyed the eye shadows and nail polish I got from the brand! Looking forward to seeing what you got.
    That 3D dome ceiling painting is neat! I’ve seen street artists do the art on the sidewalks where it looks like you’re looking deep down onto another level, I guess it’s not any new!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It gets very hot there. August when I usually go is hotter still. I love beans on toast. Is a real comfort food☺ Thanks, I did get eyeshadows and nail polishes funnily enough, so I hope I like them😊 I love all the 3D art work, it’s very clever. I like street art too. X


  2. 42 degrees – holy moly! How did you cope? I would’ve spent ages at the NYX stand but that’s because it’s not a common brand here but I am travelling next month to a city that sells NYX which will be exciting. Let me know if you have any favourites or recommendations! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha it’s a dry heat there, so I enjoy the weather☺ I’ve never seen a NYX counter in the UK yet and I’m near three big shopping centres! So it was exciting to see one there. I’d like to try the sheer setting powder, the milk eye pencil and butter lipsticks. They had a lot of eyeshadow palettes too, which I didn’t realise☺ xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They really are! A lot of Malta’s very steep, so it’s a place for flat shoes☺ Aaw did you find the places he mentioned? Can be hard in Valletta as there’s shops and bars here, there and everywhere☺ I know. I can’t believe I’ve never been to the gardens on a previous visit. I could have sat there all day, it was beautiful x


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