Malta Day 3-Into the Blue Lagoon

On our third day in Malta, we headed to Debbie’s Cafe for breakfast. Keen to try some of the different foods on offer, my partner opted for the French Toast with syrup, compote and cream and I had the fluffy pancakes with syrup and fruit compote.

As usual the food was fresh, delicious and filling!

Bellies full, we booked a taxi to the nearby ferry port Cirkewwa. Cirkewwa has boats and ferries running to Malta’s two smaller, sister islands Gozo and Comino. We booked return tickets to the smallest island Comino.

The small boats to Comino run frequently in the summer, but it’s worth checking online or picking up a leaflet to make sure on times.

After a fairly short boat ride, we arrived on the island. Comino is most famous for it’s crystal clear, turquoise coloured water, known as the Blue Lagoon. The island is virtually uninhabited, with only four permanent residents and it has food and drink stalls, sunbeds and basic facilities for visitors.

We paid for two sunbeds and got the best seats in the house! We sat on the thin stretch of sand, next to the beautifully clear water.

We ventured in to the Blue Lagoon, where the water’s so mesmerising and blue, we could have happily swam all day.

Me splashing about in the sea.

I sunbathed and drank a Pina Colada cocktail out of a pineapple to cool off.

Before taking a few final selfies.

We boarded the boat back to the Maltese mainland and headed straight for the tourist attraction, Popeye Village. Popeye Village is a film set where the Popeye film starring Robin William’s was made. You can go inside the film set, swim in sea, sunbathe, play golf and much more.

We only visited briefly this time, mainly to go to the on-site Silversmiths, who makes amazing jewellery.

Here’s a few photos from our visit this time.

Cooking up a storm in Popeye’s Cabin.

We headed back to our hotel to freshen up and it was only then that I could see how much I’d caught the sun! Needless to say, sunburnt feet are pretty painful.

After getting showered and changed, we headed to the restaurant Tosca on our street. We ate at Tosca last year and was impressed by the fresh and flavoursome food. I was just as impressed this time.

To start with, I had the broccoli and potato soup with crusty bread. It may not look that appetizing, but Tosca do the best soups. My partner had a big bowl of tasty calamari.

For mains I had the delicious funghi pizza, whilst my partner had an asparagus and pancetta pasta dish.

After a long day, we headed back to our hotel to relax, ready for day four.

21 thoughts on “Malta Day 3-Into the Blue Lagoon

  1. Oh my gosh, the food!
    That water looks incredible – wow. I love that it wasn’t TOO busy there. Some beaches are just crammed with people – really distracts from the relaxing nature. But ouch on the sunburn.
    Question: how did you keep your brows in such perfect shape even after you’ve been in the water?!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The food was so good!☺ The water’s really beautiful there. It’s one of my favourite places. It does get busy from midday onwards, so we got to Comino early and it was great. Ouch indeed. The sunburn was really bad. On holiday I just use a tinted brow product like a Stila gel brow liner. I only use it if I’m on holiday and don’t want to wear much makeup, as it doesn’t budge☺ x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s not my favourite for everyday use but it’s great if you don’t want your brows too heavy. Plus it lasts in the heat and water☺ Definitely a product to take on holiday x

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  2. You look really pretty in the water so I know you were having a really good time. Lovely photos and your day sounded amazing. I loved the pink dress on you with the white sandals. Sunburnt feet! Poor you….did you forget to sunblock?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thank you. I had a lovely time. It’s so beautiful in Comino☺ I like that outfit too. I like colourful clothes in the summer. I was wearing sunblock but I burn easy. It seems to happen everytime I go to Malta, as it’s so hot x

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      1. The sun looked really intense! Not surprised then it worked through your sunblock. After a holiday like this I wonder how does one get back to work. Thanks for sharing.

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      2. The sun is very intense. When I holiday in other warm countries I don’t burn like I do there. I need a very strong spf in future. It’s been a struggle to get back into the routine of work, especially after lovely days swimming in the sea and enjoying the sun. Glad you enjoyed the post☺ xx

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  3. All these amazing photos! Wow!
    Malta looks like… paradise.

    In regards to sunscreen… buy sunscreen for kids – ideally a drugstore or supermarket own brand. It’s the best thing you can do. Kids’ sunscreen sells fast, so you’ll never have to worry about picking up an old bottle. Kids’ products are properly tested, so you can be sure you’re safe. And kids’ products are gentler, so you can even use them on your face. 🙂

    By the way, this year Asda’s kids’ sunscreen came out first in two different big tests (two different daily newspapers – I don’t remember which ones).

    If you’re looking for a strong sunscreen to use around your eyes, pick a cream with zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is one of the two natural sunscreens (the other one is titanium dioxide). I don’t buy expensive stuff, I buy cheap nappy rash cream (not kidding) because the second ingredient after ‘aqua’ is zinc oxide. 🙂

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    1. Malta’s really beautiful and Comino in particular is stunning☺ Thanks for that. You’re right, I’ve been using more expensive sun creams that haven’t worked very well. I remember seeing that all of Asda’s sun creams are really good in newspapers before. I’ll have to buy some next time☺ x

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