A Short Break to Caister

This week I went on a Monday to Friday break with my partner and family. We stayed at a holiday camp in Caister, which is around a two and a half hour drive from where I live in London. I’ve been to Caister and the nearby seaside town of Great Yarmouth probably over twenty times now, but it felt great to get away and the weather was good. 

Here’s a few photos from our break. 

The Caravan We Stayed In



Flowers in Caister

Great Yarmouth Beach & Pier

Horse and Carriage Ride in Great Yarmouth

Horse Racing in Great Yarmouth

Sunset on the Drive Home

So that’s my roundup of what I got up to in Caister. Let me know if you enjoyed this post. 

32 thoughts on “A Short Break to Caister

  1. I really don’t want this to sound creepy but you are so BEAUTIFUL! Your smile in the picture of you moving the hair away from your face is adorable 😍 looks like you had a lovely time away! xx

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    1. It was quite spacious, as it had three bedrooms, two bathrooms. Where we stayed was further back into the holiday camp, so it was more peaceful and we had those pretty flowers near us☺ x

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    1. Thanks Rachael. I had a really nice time, it just flew by!☺ You should definitely visit. There’s the Norfolk Broads where you can hire a boat for the day and all sorts of pretty places to explore☺ xx

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  2. You have a very pretty smile. You should use it more often! Thanks very much for all you do. I enjoyed this post, and your pictures were great. I don’t recall ever hearing of Caister before, during or since the time I lived in London. So, I learned something today!

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