Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea

At the weekend me and my partner travelled into Central London to go for afternoon tea. In the past we’ve only ever had afternoon tea in hotels, but this time it was held in a beautiful cake shop called Cutter & Squidge.

We booked the limited edition Hello Kitty tea, which runs until mid-September and as soon as we arrived, I was impressed.

The shop windows and signs outside featured images of Hello Kitty, which instantly draws you in. 

Inside, there was themed merchandise such as cups, bags and food for sale upstairs, which we browsed whilst waiting for our table. 

We was then led downstairs by our waitress, to the Hello Kitty Secret Garden Afternoon Tea. The restaurant was small and cosy, with faux plants and an indoor garden feel. 

Every inch of the walls and restaurant was decorated to fully fit the theme.

Despite afternoon tea usually being a very formal experience, this had a more relaxed and casual atmosphere, that fitted the fun theme.

The table itself had the cutlery tied up in a cute little bow and the menus were of course embossed with pictures of Hello Kitty.

And then it was time to eat! The food was carried over in a stack of bamboo baskets, with each segment containing different treats. We started with the sandwiches, which had three different fillings. 

The Hello Kitty shaped ones were cream cheese and cucumber, my favourite and the others were hummus and pepper and cheese and red onion. There was also a salmon and chive option, which we declined as I’m vegetarian.

I’m not usually a huge fan of sandwiches, but these ones were incredibly flavoursome. I even asked for some more of the cream cheese and cucumber ones!

Continuing with savoury foods, we moved on to the cheese scones with red pepper relish and cream cheese. When it comes to scones I love sweet ones with cream and jam, but I’m less of a fan of savoury ones, as I’m never sure what flavours go well with it. 

For me the scones were a miss, as they were overly cheesy in taste, but as there was a lot of sweet foods on offer, I see why they choose to include savoury scones.

Then it was time for some sweet treats. We started with Mimmy’s Pink Lemonade Marshmallows, followed by Mimmy’s Very Berry Jelly Kiss, which was cutely shaped like Hello Kitty. Despite being labelled as berry flavoured, I’d say this tasted like sweet peach.

The final two items in this basket were strawberries with a chocolate dipping sauce, simple but delicious and the Cake Truffle which was also fantastic. Inside, it tasted like buttery crushed biscuit, with a sweet icing flavoured outer layer.

The next basket I totally forgot to take pictures of, other than the one below. Cutter & Squidge are best known for their Biskies, which are a cake/biscuit/cookie hybrid with a filling inside. We had the Strawberry Milkshake flavour which was incredibly soft and very sweet. 

We also had some delicious shortbread biscuits, mini brownies and dipping sauces in this basket. The brownies in particular were amazing. 

The fourth and final basket contained an Apple Pie Mousse and Kitty’s Chocolate Mud Pie. The Mousse had a creamy cinnamon flavoured top, with pureed apple and crushed biscuit underneath and I loved it. The bow shaped biscuit on top, was yummy shortbread. I also really enjoyed the Chocolate Mud Pie, which was a soft, chocolate cake topped with an edible Hello Kitty. 

We was then bought over vanilla ice cream in a tea cup, a great palette cleanser at the end of a meal. I had raspberry sauce on mine, whilst my partner had chocolate. We wasn’t expecting ice cream, so it was a welcome surprise. 

Our main drink was Mimmy’s Pink Lemonade, which came with a cute bow decorated straw. We also had the Apple Pie Tea and English Breakfast Tea. 

I really enjoyed the Hello Kitty afternoon tea, not only was it fun and well designed, but I liked that the food was a bit different to what you usually get. I’d definitely recommend paying Cutter & Squidge a visit, while it’s still on. 

46 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea

  1. Ahh cuteness overload! In Japan there are several Hello Kitty cafes. Literally every single item is pink and Hello Kitty shaped! I didn’t stop in but I’d imagine how quaint it would have been. I’m glad no only was the food visually appealing, they tasted good too! 🙂

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    1. Definitely cuteness overload. It was all adorable☺ I always wanted to Japan or South Korea, as I know they have amazing Hello Kitty cafes. Thankfully the food wae really nice too, as well as being pretty☺ x


  2. not only adorable but the portion sizes are so exquisite! i would have loved to join you! we have a hello kitty cafe here but they dont serve the proper English tea menu and i have never been inside as its always packed with teenage girls. such a lovely post Dannijane and you looked the cutest among all.

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    1. It was really adorable and there was a lot of food too. I think you would have liked it, as it was an adult crowd☺ It was good as it still served proper tea too. Aaw thank you, that’s really sweet of you to say☺ x

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  3. Wow I didn’t realise this existed in the UK! It’s proper popular in Hong Kong, but it’s more dumplings than sandwiches (well what I see in photos). Next time I go to Lodon, I must visit this bad boi 🙂

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    1. This is the first time we’ve ever had anything like this in London. It’s limited edition only, so it’s not a permanent thing sadly. The one in Hong Kong sounds amazing too. I guess the food is more traditional to suit where it is. In Japan and South Korea it’s more dumplings and foods like that too☺ x

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