Essence ‘Lucky’ Nail Polish

As I mentioned in my Holiday Haul, I picked up a few Essence nail items when I was on holiday in Malta, including this nail polish. Essence is a brand that you can buy in the UK, but I admittedly never go to the shops that sell it.

The full name of this polish is Essence The Gel Nail Polish and it’s in the shade Lucky, which is a vibrant, warm pink. This range is supposed to be long-lasting, with a gel-like finish, but did it live up to its claims?

So firstly, the brush for this nail polish is quite large, which means it spreads the polish effortlessly across nails. One coat of this polish gave good coverage, but I applied two coats for a stronger, bolder colour.

Whilst I didn’t time how long this nail polish took to dry, it wasn’t amazingly quick, but it certainly didn’t take as long as some other nail polishes I’ve tried.

As usual, I think saying this has a gel-like finish with high shine is a bit exaggerated, as in my opinion, no nail polishes I’ve ever tried have a completely gel like finish. 

However, I did find that with my regular Orly top coat, this polish looked a lot shinier than other polishes I own. It doesn’t show up that well in photos, but I was really impressed with how this looked on. 

When it comes to lasting power, this does have a good wear time. Nail polishes tend to chip quickly on my nails, yet this lasted four days before it started to chip at the edges. I was on holiday in Caister at the time, so I was out a lot and it still stayed on.

My overall opinion on this Essence nail polish is that I love it! It costs a bargain £1.60, the colour is beautiful, it lasts well and has a glossy finish. I’ll definitely be treating myself to a few more colours from this range.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of Essence’s nail polishes. 

30 thoughts on “Essence ‘Lucky’ Nail Polish

    1. They are! I’ve just got some more which I’ll mention in some upcoming posts. I agree, I do actually feel like I’ll use up the whole bottle, which I never usually do. For the price they’re really impressive. I love that orange in your Halloween post. It’s such a perfect shade for the occasion☺ x


  1. Your very skilled with nails! Beautiful shade of pink, love it!! It would mean the world if you checked out my blog and commented at !! THANKYOUUU I just started so some tips would help.

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  2. I’m surprised that I haven’t tried any Essence polishes! This looks like a pretty shade (although I have wayyyy too many pinks haha) Hopefully i’ll snag a couple of these to try out in the future!

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