OPI Princesses Rule!

Last month when I went on holiday to Malta, I picked up a couple of OPI nail polishes as I passed through the airport. This shade called Princesses Rule! caught my eye, as it’s a super sparkly, soft pink.

This polish is from the Soft Shades Collection and is meant to tint nails with a delicate, soft colour. It’s also described as being a bright pink on OPI’s website and other pages. I agree this does provide a very delicate and gentle pop of colour, but it’s certainly not a bright shade. The previous OPI polish I tried is more of a bright pink, see here.

Starting with the brush, I found it a reasonable size and flat in shape, which applied the polish with ease.

One coat of this polish gave a sheer pearly colour, with a very sparkly finish. Two coats started to give more of a pink shimmer and finally three coats gave the finish in the pictures below. I applied four coats on some nails to make the pink colour more noticeable. 

When it comes to wear time, I was impressed by this polish. Whereas the other OPI shade I mentioned above didn’t have the best wear time, this only started to chip after four days, which is very good for me.

Overall, I really like this nail polish by OPI. It’s an incredibly pretty and girly colour and it lasted well on my nails. 

Let me know what OPI shades you love. 

21 thoughts on “OPI Princesses Rule!

  1. So pretty! I love colours like this because they’re so easy to apply and even if it chips, you can’t really tell! I have a colour from Misa that is really similar to this – I never remember to wear it though. Not my picture but here’s Misa Lolli Jolly:

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    1. It’s really easy to wear. It’s subtle but really pretty. I loved it even after one coat, as it has such a lovely shimmer. That looks so similar! It looks like this OPI polish after two coats. I bet it builds up to the same colour☺ x


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