Howletts Animal Park

At the weekend me and my partner visited Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent. It’s the first time we’ve been and it takes just over an hour to drive there from where we live.  

Howletts has a sister park which is also in Kent, called Port Lympne. Both focus on conservation, breeding endangered animals and providing large, spacious enclosures. This sets them apart from regular zoos. 

Upon arrival at Howletts, we started in the Walking with Lemurs part of the Animal Park. 

We watched as they climbed, played and ate above our heads, but one particular Lemur caught my eye.

This adorable but shy baby lemur, holding on to mum. Every so often he’d let go and explore, still unsteady on his feet. 

Sneaking a peek to see if anyone’s around. 

Before hiding his face in mums fur.

I could have watched them all day! 

We got close to the big cats, starting with tigers.

Then beautiful, female lions. 

We watched a funny looking anteater dig for food. 

We walked through the peaceful Woodland Walk, which felt so calm and quiet, it was hard to believe we was in an Animal Park! 

Before finishing off with the main attraction, gorillas. 

Look at those hands!

Not many zoos or animal parks in the UK have gorillas, yet Howletts has the worlds largest collection of critically endangered western lowland gorillas. 

I couldn’t get any good photos of the mum and baby gorilla, but I did get a video, which is below. 

Let me know if you’ve ever been to Howletts or its sister park Port Lympne.

24 thoughts on “Howletts Animal Park

  1. The lemurs are so freaking CUTE!
    I always feel sad when I see the apes in the enclosures – they’re so human-like. I feel like they’ve been put in jail, but they didn’t commit a crime!

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    1. I love lemurs. They’re so fun and playful, I could watch them all day! ☺ They are so human-like, especially when you look in their eyes. I guess at the rate they’re being wiped out in the wild, it’s good there’s some in zoos. They’re one step away from being extinct in the wild, which is so sad. I’d much rather see all these kinds of animals in their natural habitat x

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