Zoella Sweet Inspirations Range

Way back in June I bought Zoella’s most recent range of beauty products called Sweet Inspirations. I’ve been meaning to write a review of the range for quite some time and now I’ve fully tried everything, I can give my thoughts on each item.

Zoella Candy Clutch Beauty Bag

The first thing I got from the Sweet Inspirations range is this beauty bag, which can be used as a clutch or to store your beauty bits in. As I don’t use clutches, I’ve been storing all my cosmetics and bath bits in this bag on my most recent holidays.

The large size means you can fit loads in and it feels like a good quality product. One side of the bag is a candy striped pattern that has a slightly rough texture and the other is a shiny, patent material in an off-white colour. So far I’ve used this loads, even on short UK breaks.

Zoella Body Fondant

As I ordered this Body Fondant online, I expected the product to feel quite weighty, but it’s so incredibly lightweight that I took it away with me twice during the summer. The product itself is a soft champagne coloured shimmer, that you apply with the Zoella embossed puff it comes with. You simply swirl the puff into the Fondant and then buff it into your skin.

I find the colour really flattering and it adds a healthy glow to skin, so I used it loads during the summer. I applied it to my arms, legs and chest and found it accentuated a tan. Like the rest of the range it has a sweet almond and macaroon scent. 

Despite loving this product I do have two small gripes with it. The first being that there’s less product in the tub than I expected, as I hit pan fairly quickly. The second is that the powder puff is quite soft and it does tend to fold in on itself when you buff the product into skin. That said these are pretty minor issues. 

Zoella Bath Latte

I love the packaging of the Bath Latte, as it comes in a cute milk style bottle. You can use this product as a bubble bath or as a body wash and it has the sweet almond and macaroon scent like the rest of the range. 

I find that as it’s a thicker texture and not runny, I only had to use a small amount to get a good amount of bubbles in my bath and it’s well scented. Some bubble baths have minimal smell once you actually get into the water, but this smelt sweet but not sickly or overpowering. 

Zoella Sugar Dip Scented Bath Salt Granules

This is probably my favourite product from the whole range! I adore the pastel coloured packagimg and the sweetie style bag the bath salts come in. I also like that there’s a sticker to reseal the bag once you’ve opened it. 

It’s a quick and easy product to use, as there’s no need to rinse the bath out like after using a bubble bath. As with the Bath Latte, this scents the water well and doesn’t fade even after I’ve got out of the bath. I’ve bought another two boxes of these salts as I love them so much.

Zoella Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer

This is the only product I didn’t originally buy in June, as I got this for my birthday last month. The Bath Fizzer comes wrapped up like a chocolate bar and you snap segments off to drop into the bath. 

On the packet it recommends using four squares of product, but I used six as it seemed to make no difference to my bath. This is the only product from the Sweet Inspirations range that I’ve found a bit disappointing. 

It hardly fizzes at all and I had to crumble the product up, as it wasn’t disolving. The product also had very little scent compared to the other products. 

Overall I really love Zoella’s Sweet Inspirations range. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the products. 

55 thoughts on “Zoella Sweet Inspirations Range

  1. Ahh I’m jealous. I want to order some of her stuff. I need to check if they deliver to the U.S. I saw a sneak peak of her holiday collection and I want everything. She has the cutest things. Great post.

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    1. I can’t wait for her new living range for the home and Christmas range. It’s all so cute!😊 I read the living range should be released in the U.S. so hopefully all the beauty bits will be too☺ x


  2. The packaging is way too cute! Especially the one in the milk jar.
    Even though I’ve never used any YouTuber’s beauty range before (can’t get them here), a lot of their fan base is younger and may buy products just because of who released them, so I always write their products off as being low quality even though that might not be the case at all. Really glad you liked all of these save for one!

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    1. The packaging is really cute. It’s all nicely designed☺ I like Zoella but I agree, her and a lot of other YouTuber’s have a mostly young fan base. I wanted to try this range but I had low expectations and thought it’d be poor quality. So I’ve been pleasantly surprised☺ x

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