September Happiness Highlights

After seeing several other bloggers do a monthly happiness post, I decided to do my own for September. I wrote down one thing each day that made me happy, no matter how big or small it was. So here’s my September Happiness Highlights.

September 1st-I had lots of tasks to do today and I managed to complete them all. 

September 2nd-I tried a sample of the Body Shop’s new British Rose face mask and it brightened up my skin instantly!

September 3rd-As it’s the weekend, I went to Howletts Animal Park in Kent for the day.

September 4th-Having a lazy day at my partner’s, where we watched TV and looked things up.

September 5th-Trying a sample of the Body Shop’s new Himalayan Charcoal face mask. 

September 6th-I’ve been working on a tough work case and the person I’m helping said lots of kind things about me and my work.

September 7th- Having waffles with maple syrup and banana for breakfast.

September 8th-Another naughty but nice breakfast today. I had waffles with maple syrup and banana. 

September 9th-Watching a new Joanna Lumley documentary where she travels through Japan. 

September 10th-Going to a Krispy Kreme store in London.

September 11th-Watching the TV drama Victoria, which is one of my favourite shows at the moment.

September 12th-My work meeting finished earlier than expected. Yay!

September 13th-I booked an apartment in London and sorted some other bits out for my partner’s birthday.

September 14th-Using my Zoella Le Fizz bar in the bath for the first time. 

September 15th-Having a mini pamper day at home.

September 16th-The McDonald’s near me has finally opened after being refurbished for two months. So I headed there for dinner! 

September 17th-The weather’s rainy, so me and my boyfriend ordered in pizza and watched the X Factor on TV. 

September 18th-Me and my partner started looking online and making plans for our anniversary next month. 

September 19th-I used my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette for the first time. 

September 20th-Reaching 500 followers on my blog!

September 21st-My parcel full of South Korean cosmetics arrived today.

September 22nd-I used my Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette today to clean my brushes and they came out squeaky clean. 

September 23rd-My boyfriend ordered me some presents for our anniversary.

September 24th-I had my hair coloured, cut and styled at the hairdresser’s. 

September 25th-A NYX counter has finally opened in the Boot’s store near me. 

September 26th-Just spending time with my partner in the evening.

September 27th-Keeping to a mostly healthy eating plan. 

September 28th-Going shopping after work and seeing all the new Halloween and Christmas releases.

September 29th-Having another little pampering session at home.

September 30th-Using my Next Eye Crayons for the first time.

 Let me know what made you happy in September. 

61 thoughts on “September Happiness Highlights

  1. Hmm waffles / pancaked with maple syrup are my favourite! 😀
    And it must feel so rewarding to have your client say good things about you!
    Your hair looks gorgeous – so shiny!
    Congrats on reaching a milestone on your blog!
    You got your WP account sorted?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mine too! I don’t have either very often for breakfast, but I love both☺ It is. Especially as that case has been a tough, ongoing one. Aaw thank you. It always feels so smooth and sits nicely just after it’s been done. It’s still shiny too☺ Thank you. Yes it’s all sorted now x


  2. I’m so glad you did this! I love reading about your month and what made you happy. Sometimes things happen and we forget about them and there are times we don’t want to remember them but there are other times we want to remember them and this allows you to do that 😊 I may have said this already but your hair looks lovely x

    Liked by 1 person

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