Anniversary Trip to Brighton Pt.1

On Friday, me and my partner drove to the seaside town of Brighton for a short break. It took us around two hours, as there was a bit of traffic, but it can take as little as an hour and a half to get there.

Brighton’s a bustling town with a tonne of shops, a thriving food scene and a hub of art and all things creative. 

Once we arrived, we headed straight to our hotel to drop off our bags. We stayed at the beautiful Drakes, a small four star hotel along the seafront. 

The room had a huge and very comfortable bed, a wet room/bathroom and a freestanding bath! I love how elegant baths like this are, so I made sure to get lots of use out of it. 

Unpacked and keen to explore, we walked to North Laine, famous for it’s small food shops and vintage clothing stores. 

Our first stop was to The Flour Pot Bakery, who bake yummy goods daily but only sell their delicious doughnuts on Friday’s.

We got one lemon curd doughnut and one filled with salted caramel and topped with honeycomb. They were seriously amazing. Soft, sugary and filled to the brim with filling. 

Carrying on our foodie quest, we walked a few doors down to We Love Falafel. With a huge queue outside the door, we knew it would be good! We got the regular falafel and salad box. Again, amazing! 

We wandered the streets, finding interesting shops as we went. 

We saw art work and graffiti.

We hunted down the Snowdog statues. There’s 44 placed around Brighton, to raise money for charity. 

We watched fudge being made and the smell made my mouth water. 

I bought vegan cola bottles and chocolate in Infinity Foods.

I picked up tea and some spices for mulled wine in the Bluebird Tea shop. 

Then popped into the well known and rather pricey Choccywoccydoodah chocolate shop. My partner got me a huge white chocolate and popcorn lolly, covered in sprinkles.

After all the walking, we of course stopped off for replenishment at Catwalk Cakes. We tried the salted caramel cake and the super cute Cookie Monster cupcakes.  

Feet aching, we headed back to our hotel to freshen up and enjoy the room before dinner.

After resting, it was time to hit the town. Starting with a stroll along the pier. 

Before heading to Purezza for dinner. Purezza is a vegan pizza place that uses rice milk, to make a super creamy cheese alternative. The pizza looked and tasted fantastic, so it’s a place I’d definitely recommend. 

Bellies full, we walked back to Drakes for a good nights sleep. Ready for our second day in Brighton. 

46 thoughts on “Anniversary Trip to Brighton Pt.1

  1. What a cute place!!! i love everything about this post- the hotel room is awesome, i always judge a hotel by the bathrooms and that’s one for the books with the lighting! dont even get me started on the doughnuts, thats a weakness of mine! thanks for sharing!!

    xo, JJ

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  2. Oooh that bath looks lovely! The bed too. 🙂
    Those dog statues are neat! We had something like that here – they were giant moose! 😛
    That cookie monster cupcake is just perfect – so cute!

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  3. Ooh it looks amazing! That hotel room and the bath! How sickly was that lolly from Choccywoccydoodah though? It looks amazing but woah haha! Great pictures, I’m glad you had a good time. Happy Anniversary to you and your partner too 🙂

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  4. This looks so amazing! It’s so different than the US. I feel like it’s boring where I am and lacks the charm of places like this. The cupcakes are adorable. I would like to get creative and try and make some cute cupcakes this holiday season. I’ll have to see if I can come up with something original!

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    1. Where abouts in the US do you live? I live in London, but there’s always loads to do. I love Brighton though, as it’s so quirky and arty☺ It’s a really cute little cupcake. Post pictures if you make some. I love cupcakes☺ x


    1. Haha food photos always make me hungry too!☺ Those doughnuts were seriously good. The hotel was gorgeous and small too, so it had a nice feel. The Snowdogs are really cool. It’s all for a good cause too😊 xx

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    1. That’s interesting. I didn’t know that. Brighton has much going on and a great food and creative scene, so I think you’d love it☺ Aaw thanks hun. We’re back now, as we went away last weekend😊 x

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