Monsters Ball-Halloween Special

Despite posting yesterday, about how to make a super easy pumpkin face mask, I decided to do a bonus Halloween post today. 

For the past month, I have been obsessed with Lush’s Halloween bath bombs, but there’s been one in particular that I can’t get enough of and that is Monsters Ball.

This is a good sized bath bomb and it has the cutest little monster design.

The two main notes in this bath bomb are lime and neroli oil, however I find this more of a warming than fruity scented product.

When it fizzes away in the bath, the water turns a mixture of pink and blue, before settling to it’s final colour, a deep and pretty purple.

The cocoa butter ‘eye’ melts away slowly, making this a hydrating and nourishing bath bomb.

Monsters Ball also contains Himalayan rock salt, which is great for softening water and drawing toxins from the skin.

One final thing that is great about this bath bomb is that when it cracks open, blue oozes from the centre, giving a spooky Halloween effect. I’ve included a video below, so you can see just how great this bath bomb is.

If you want to try this or any of Lush’s other Halloween bath products then remember to be quick, as they’re limited edition.

Happy Halloween!

25 thoughts on “Monsters Ball-Halloween Special

  1. I love the Lush bath bombs but every time I stop one in the top at 6.95 or 8.95 I think well…. I should have the most amazing skin when I get out, and I don’t. I love them but I wish they were 2.95!


  2. How fun! I like that the eye portion melts slower – I had no idea they can add in a separate the formula by colour – makes sense!
    I used a bath bomb once in my life… I just don’t take baths often. I can’t recall the last time I filled up the tub. In fact, in my last apartment I only had a shower stall and I was fine with that!

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    1. It’s great that’s made of cocoa butter. Feels so much nicer on your skin and it’s cool that it melts away slower☺ Haha I used to be the same. But my shower was broke for a year and a half. So I’m pretty used to baths twice a day now! X


  3. I love how it has the cocoa butter eye, im obsessed with anything and everything cocoa butter related! I can’t believe I never used a bath ball to this day- I’m not much of a bath person butttt the balls are tempting with the dissolving colors!

    xo, JJ

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    1. I love cocoa butter too. It’s such a great bath bomb, my skin felt lovely after using this☺ Even if you’re not a bath person, Lush’s bath bombs do look super pretty😊 x


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