My Halloween Weekend

Halloween started early in my house this year, so here’s what I got up to. 

At the weekend I had a rare night in with my family. We bought some decorations for the house.

Made pumpkin face masks

Me and my brother carved a pumpkin and displayed it in the window.

My mum did a table full of Halloween food, including a tray of cupcakes and jumbo marshmallows.

We watched Halloween themed shows on TV and I had a bath using my Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar from Lush.

And it all got me into the Halloween spirit, ready for the actual day. 

On Monday, me and my partner was off, so we had the day to explore and walk around London. 

We initially thought about doing the London Dungeons or a Halloween themed activity, but as we’ve done a lot of these before, we decided to just have a nice day wandering about. 

We started at one of the newest and hottest places in town, the Dominique Ansel Bakery. Famous in New York and now London for cronuts and other creations, it was on our to visit list.

As expected the cronuts had sold out, but we got to try out three other marvellous sweet treats, starting with a Halloween special.

A choux pastry creation, where the bat was filled with blueberry ganache and the pumpkin with orange ganache, that tasted just like Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Next to try was the Banoffee Paella, where the Banoffee is made upside down to caramelise the bananas. 

And finally the Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot. As the Cookie Shots are only sold from 3pm onwards, we thought we’d have eaten and gone before then. But as we was relaxed and enjoying sitting in the bakery, we got to try them out.

A shot glass made out of cookie and filled with Tahitian vanilla milk. 

Everything we tried was delicious, filling and well presented. I’ll definitely be going back when I can.

We walked back to the train station and headed to Oxford Street and Carnaby Street to browse the shops.

We started at the beautiful department store Liberty. Picturesque inside and out. 

We swung by Ben’s Cookies. Sadly we was too full up to buy anything, but this place is one of my favourites. The Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie is amazing.

We walked through quirky Carnaby Street.

And saw a few full sized shops I’d never seen before! Urban Decay, Benefit and Illamasqua have counters in stores such as Debenhams, but this was the first time I’d seen stores just for their products.

We admired the Halloween cupcakes in Crumbs & Doilies. 

Before heading to Tibits for dinner. 

Tibits is a vegetarian and vegan buffet, where there’s a good variety of foods that are fresh and tasty. 

What makes Tibits unique, is that you can put as much food on your plate as you like and your plate is weighed. The heavier the weight, the more it costs. 

Me and my partner piled up our plates and went back up to get dessert, which we shared. 

There was a good variety of dishes and the food itself was great, so Tibits is another place I’ll be returning to. 

After a day of walking and eating, we got the train and headed home to relax.

Let me know what you did for Halloween. 

46 thoughts on “My Halloween Weekend

  1. Looks like you had such a fun, festive day!
    Last time we visited New York was right before the cronut craze…so sad we missed out on experiencing one. Maybe next time you visit again, make sure to go early to get your hands on one! The other pastries look so delicious, though. I have a huge sweet tooth and will consume any dessert!
    Wow, I’ve never seen full-sized shops of those brands, either. Especially Illamasqua!! Would love to visit that store one day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thank you. I had a fun few days☺ Oh no. I kind of expected I’d not get to try a cronut, they sell out fast. I think in the past few days they’ve started online ordering, where you can order and pick the cronuts up in store. I’ll have to try that☺ I have a sweet tooth. The other cakes were all delicious. It’s the first time I’ve seen full sized shops too. Illamasqua was closed as it was late, but I’ll definitely go there one day😊 x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Those treats looks so delightful! I’ll take one of everything 🙂
    How cute is that street full of shops, just the buildings in general are beautiful- such a great little adventure!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww thank you, well I’m glad I get to experience it through posts from my fellow brit bloggers such as yourself 💕thanks again lovely! P.s I will def be exploring like crazy when I’m next in London! Xxx

        Liked by 1 person

  3. What is a cronut? None of the pics are loading on my phone! 😫 The cookie chocolate shot sounds delicious, never had one but I’m craving one right now. 🤔 It sounds like you had a great Halloween! Christmas now 😝

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, you’re really into Halloween, aren’t you? Do kids dress up and go door to door demanding candy (erm “sweets”) over there?
    That Dominique Ansel Bakery looks incredible. I wouldn’t even know what to order! I had a cronut once… it was ok. Nothing to lose your mind over. 😛
    I’m so SO jealous of your Illamasqua store!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha well normally I just carve a pumpkin, this is the first year we’ve had decorations. Yes my brother dressed up and went trick or treating☺ I wanted to eat everything. It was tough to just choose a few things😊 Do you not have full sized Illamasqua’s either? I think another trip is needed to do the full sized beauty stores☺ x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think they just weren’t getting the sales volume they need to justify being here. I think they were viewed as too “out there”. Even though I think their products are really wearable, it’s just their marketing that made them seem really weird.

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