It’s Beauty Advent Calendar Time!

It’s the first of December and we all know what that means. Advent Calendar time!  

This year I’ve been truly spoilt as I have my usual chocolate one and not one, not two, but three beauty advent calendars.

So here’s the calendars I got and a look at what gifts I got inside today.

Tanya Burr 12 Days of Christmas Beauty Calendar

This was one of the most affordable beauty calendars out this year, as it cost £15. Unlike a lot of the other calendars out, this does only have the first twelve days of Christmas, but it’s beautifully designed and affordable.

The calendar features a house design and uses silhouettes of Tanya, her husband Jim and their dog Martha. It’s been well thought out and isn’t as big and bulky as many other calendar releases this year. 

So what was gift number one? 

A beautiful, warm pink lip gloss in the shade Candy Cane. I’ve tried this out and it’s gorgeous, so I’m very happy with day one’s gift.

The Body Shop 24 Happy Days Advent Calendar

I had a Body Shop calendar last year and I absolutely loved it. This year they’ve done three different versions and this is the Standard £60 one. 

The Body Shop’s calendars are heavy and feel great quality, with doors that open up to reveal numbered boxes inside. 

Last year there was two gifts in box 24, but this year despite being called 24 Happy Days, there’s 25 boxes. I was pretty delighted to see this, as it means one extra Body Shop goodie.

So what was gift number one?

A mini bottle of the Spiced Apple Shower Gel. This is part of the Christmas range and I was super happy to get this. I knew there was a little bottle of this in the calendar somewhere, so I’ll be using this straight away.

Look Fantastic Advent Calendar

The final calendar I got is this absolutely huge one from Look Fantastic. As I knew this would sell out in no time, I pre-ordered it.

The most pricey of the bunch as it cost £70, I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. The packaging is thick and heavy and designed to look like a book. There’s also 25 days in this calendar.

So what was gift number one?

A mini bottle of Pixi’s Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this and Pixi’s other skincare products, so I’m excited to try this.

I’m really pleased with the first three products in the calendars. I’ll be posting every few days on what I get in each calendar, rather than daily. 

Let me know what advent calendars you got this year. 

43 thoughts on “It’s Beauty Advent Calendar Time!

  1. Wow, these advent calendars are super cool. I didn’t even know they existed. I used to have to advent calendars with the little pieces of chocolate. Where have I been ?! 🙂

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  2. Oh my goodness these look amazing 😍 I’ll definitely be keeping these in mind for next year! Enjoy the beauty goodies!! I can only imagine that they’ll get better as the days go on xx

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  3. I did not have enjoy forsignt to purchase an advent calendar and now I regret it! I’ve been seeing so many great ones! I saw a Paul & Joe one that looks amazing (but expensive).
    Oooh the Tanya Burr one looks great and such good value too. But that Look Fantastic one – ahhhh. I bet it’s full of every cult brand / product in there. So envious. I can’t wait to see what you get each day! (will you be posting daily?)


    1. There’s a lot of really good ones out this year, but a lot of them are pricey.
      The Tanya Burr is lovely. A lot more affordable than the others too. I know the finale of the Look Fantastic calendar is meant to be an Illamasqua quad!☺ I’ll be posting about the calendars every few days, as I want to include some other posts too☺ x


  4. It’s funny how you have beauty advent calendars among others in The UK, over here it’s normally just chocolate advent calendars so I don’t bother with them haha. Day 1’s gifts look lovely, particularly that gloss! xx

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    1. Chocolate ones are still popular here. I get one each year😂 Beauty calendars have got big over here the past few years, it’s a new thing☺ The gloss is gorgeous. I’m really happy with it😊 x

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  5. Awesome stuff! 3 great products on day 1 – woohoo!

    I only have a regular chocolate advent calendar (it’s a My Little Pony oe). I thought of buying a few beauty calendars but my husband was looking at me with his serious face when I showed him Superdrug’s and Boots’ offerings. 😀

    I will, however, buy beauty calendars if there are any left for half price on sale on Boxing Day. 🙂

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