Lush Error 404

Recently Lush released a limited edition bath bomb called Error 404. Whereas most limited edition Lush releases are linked to an occasion such as Christmas, this bath bomb has a deeper message.

All of the profits from this bath bomb go to the Digital Fund, who support activist groups and are working with Access Now. By buying this bath bomb, it helps to keep the internet on with no shut downs. 

Government’s can order the internet to be shut down during protests, elections and at other times, so information can’t be shared. So this product is all about the freedom of information and our digital rights.

Now on to the product itself. Error 404 is named as such due to the HTTP code Error 404, which means ‘page not found’. It also retails for £4.04 to keep in with the theme.

The bath bomb itself is a golden, egg shaped bath bomb with 404 written on one side and a digital design on the other. 

Scent wise it’s been mentioned as having a vanilla scent which there is a hint of, but I found the oils used in this such as Gardenia, create more of an earthy and floral scent. Usually I’m not a fan of scents like this, but I found the smell of this pleasant.

Once I dropped this into my bath, the bronzey gold outer layer fizzed away to reveal a green middle, turning my water a beautiful turquoise. 

Then inside the green layer was a deep blue, changing my bath into a beautiful shade of foam blue. 

Inside the bath bomb was a hidden message.

Then I climbed into my bath and could see soft shimmer running through the water from the bath bomb.

I really enjoyed using this bath bomb as it’s that bit different to ones I’ve tried before from Lush and all the Christmas ones I’m currently using. 

Whilst this was only released for five days in the USA, it’s still for available online at Lush’s website in the UK. 

34 thoughts on “Lush Error 404

  1. Love the look of this bath bomb! I’ve heard of this one before and it’s just crazy that some countries are able to turn people’s internet off at the click of a finger. The product itself looks beautiful and like you said, different! Definitely going to buy one of these myself 🙂

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  2. Very interesting message behind this limited edition bath bomb! I did not know that the government can order shut down of the internet! 😮
    I wonder if there’s any meaning behind the green and blue inner colours…?

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  3. I love the story behind the lush bomb, how clever and witty! Also lush literally never disappoints, i mean c’mon a gold lush bomb- YES PLEASE! I love how it surprises you with the turquoise inside, super neat!!

    xo, JJ

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    1. It is. I think they sell this bath bomb every year or so, but sometimes it’s hidden in the website as a secret product. It’s really pretty. The outside is gorgeous and shimmery, then it becomes a beautiful blue😊 x

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