Lush Star Dust & Shoot For The Stars

This Christmas, Lush have even more amazing bath bombs out than usual. Whilst I’ve asked for some for Christmas, I couldn’t resist buying myself some to try now. So here’s my thoughts on two of Lush’s star themed Christmas bath bombs. 

Star Dust Bath Bomb

Star Dust is a bath bomb that I initially bypassed as I thought it looked quite plain and simple compared to a lot of the others. But I have to say, I really love it! 

The simple and clean star design is pretty and the scent is soft and subtle. It has a warm vanilla smell that’s great for those who don’t love Lush’s more overpowering bath bombs. 

As soon as I popped this in my bath it started to rapidly fizz away, turning my water a milky white. 

I’ve read quite a lot of people say that this bath bomb fizzes away really quickly and that’s true. For me, I’m more interested in how the bath bomb looks and what it does, rather than how long it takes to melt away, so this didn’t bother me. 

As the white layer melted away, it revealed a beautiful blue middle. 

With the colours mixing together, my bath became a wonderful milky blue. My photos don’t show it properly or do it justice, as it was the most stunning colour. 

But little did I know there was a hidden surprise in this bath bomb; tiny multi-coloured stars. 

This is just the cutest little touch and made me fall in love with Star Dust even more. I’ll definitely be asking for another one of these for Christmas.  

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb

Shoot For The Stars is a bath bomb that I picked up way back in October and I’ve finally got around to using it! 

The scent of this is a little bit stronger than Star Dust, but still not overpowering. There’s quite a few different notes that I can smell in this bath bomb such as vanilla, coconut and citrus. It also has a hint of toffee and reminds me of a bath bomb I’ve tried before from Lush, I just can’t quite put my finger on which one. 

The design of this bath bomb is gorgeous as it’s a deep blue with beautiful sparkly stars scattered across it. 

And then it was time to pop it into my bath! 

Shoot For The Stars fizzes away much more slowly than Star Dust, so if you prefer a bath bomb that takes longer to dissolve this might be for you.

I picked up the bath bomb midway through and I was surprised to see that the stars were solid. I initially thought that they were just a sparkly pattern on top of the bath bomb, so this was a welcome surprise.

The stars are made of cocoa butter and almond oil and there’s six of them throughout the bath bomb. There’s also a chunk of glittery cocoa butter in the centre, so this is an intensely hydrating and nourishing bath product. I certainly didn’t need to moisturise after! 

Shoot For The Stars made my bath a beautiful deep blue and full of sparkle.  

Overall, I really loved this bath bomb from Lush, I’d even go as far as saying it’s up there as being a new favourite. I’ll definitely be stocking up on some more of these before Christmas.

Let me know if you’ve tried Star Dust or Shoot For The Stars. 

18 thoughts on “Lush Star Dust & Shoot For The Stars

  1. These are two of my favourite products! I definitely have to get more before Christmas omg. May have to go on my lunch break tomorrow he he. The star dust must have changed this year as I don’t remember there being little stars in it before, how cute! 🙂

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  2. Lush is SO awesome, I’m blown away every time you post a new one. I think aside from the Lush Error 404 (bc it was gold) the Shooting for the Stars one might have to be my favorite. I love how the gold stars are made of cocoa butter, I love and am such an avid user of cocoa butter, not to mention I love the scent- this is for sure one I’d love to get my hands on!!!

    xo, JJ

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  3. What are those little stars inside the Star Dust bath bomb made of? I’d just worry they clog up the drain or harm the environment… it’s LUSH so I assume they’re safe, but still! Overall, fun to see the white star turn into blue and then those little bitty stars!
    The Shoot For The Stars looks like the globe but with stars as “land”. 😛

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