A Short Break in Birmingham Pt.2

Last week I did a post about my recent visit to Birmingham. So here’s what I got up to on day two. 

On our second day in Birmingham we decided to drive four miles south of the city to visit Cadbury World. But first, breakfast!

As we was in a hurry, we stopped off at the Bullring shopping centre and ate at My Cookie Dough. I had the original cookie with ice cream and my partner had the brownie with ice cream.

Both were warm, gooey and absolutely delicious.

We then jumped in the car and drove the short distance to Cadbury World. 

Cadbury is a British company that makes some of the countries most loved chocolate such as Dairy Milk, Crunchie, Roses and Wispa.

Whilst Cadbury own several factories in the West Midlands, Cadbury World is the only one open to the public and the only one where the chocolate is handmade rather than being made by machines. I can honestly say that all the chocolate made on site tastes fresher and that bit creamier.

Once inside there’s an area about the history of chocolate and how it originated in South America.

There’s a small ride, films and rooms where you can learn about the interesting history of the Cadbury family and an area to watch the chocolate being made. 

As we watched, we were handed a sample cup of gooey, melted chocolate with the chance to add toppings. I added fudge pieces and popping candy on mine and hands down it’s one of the best things I’ve ever eaten!

We also did the 4D film experience, before finishing off with a look in the cafe and a long browse around the Cadbury shop, which is the world’s biggest.

And here’s the tonne of chocolate we purchased.

Cadbury World had a lot more to do and see than I expected and it was a really great day out, so I’d definitely recommend a visit if you’re in the area.

After a wonderful day out we headed back to the Aparthotel Adagio Birmingham City Centre, which is where we was staying to relax and eat some of our chocolate stash. 

Feeling refreshed we walked to the Indian restaurant, James Dahl. As Birmingham is known as the curry capital of the UK, we knew we had to try at least one whilst there.

Tucked down an unassuming side street, James Dahl is a small, elegant and cosy restaurant.

We dived inside and ordered poppadoms with dips to share, as well as a vegetarian share platter that consisted of onion bhajis, pakora and samosas. 

Then on to our mains. I opted for a vegetable bhuna curry with pilau rice and plain naan bread, whilst my partner opted for a vegetable balti.

Despite there being a balti dish in India and Pakistan, it’s cooked entirely differently to the balti curries served in the UK. The UK style balti was created in Birmingham itself, which is why my partner ordered it and of course I had to try a bit. 

James Dahl is more expensive than most Indian restaurants, but it’s worth every penny. There was amazing service, a great atmosphere and the best Indian food we’ve tasted. I’m only sad that it’s not local to where we live, as I’m already craving more of their food. 

Full up after our wonderful feast, we headed back to our hotel, ready for day three. 

29 thoughts on “A Short Break in Birmingham Pt.2

      1. It is so yummy! I am sad that the holidays are over, but this post helped remind me we will soon be seeing Easter Candy! Yay! 😀 Yay! Can not wait to read! 🙂 Happy new Year beauty! ❤

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  1. NO WAY! The cadbury factory is over there!!!! Lucky lucky you! I love Cadbury chocolate, those chocolate eggs they make are so addicting!!! As all their chocolate is. Also your description of those cookies “warm and gooey” my mouth was watering….thats exactly how I like my cookies!

    xo, JJ

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  2. Looks amazing, that cookie dough looks delicious. Also, now you’ve made me want to go to Cadburys world ha ha. I’m not such a fan of Indian food tbh but ah, naan bread is lush! Great post as always, looking forward to part3! X

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    1. The cookie dough was so good. Wish they had a shop nearby😊 Haha Cadbury’s is great! If you love chocolate you’ll enjoy it☺ Aaw I’m fussy with curries and what tastes good, but their food was amazing. Thanks hun. Posting the final part any minute😊 xx


      1. Haha well we ended up buying a lot more than we intended to. Some were gifts for others. I like Dairy Milk as it’s just plain, creamy chocolate. Cadbury’s is the most popular brand here☺ xx

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