December Happiness Highlights

I haven’t done a Happiness Highlights post for a few months now, but throughout December I wrote down one thing each day that made me happy. So here’s my December Happiness Highlights. 

December 1st-Opening my advent calendars as it’s the first of December. 

December 2nd-Making a yummy vegetarian sausage toad with sweet potato mash and vegetables for dinner.

December 3rd-Going to watch the Tingle Creek Horse Racing, drinking mulled wine and eating at Red Peppers.

December 4th-Having a fun day at Madame Tussauds with my family and partner.

December 5th-My little brothers 9th birthday, so we had pizza and cake.

December 6th-Getting a pretty nail polish in my Tanya Burr calendar, called Glitters and Gold.

December 7th-My advent calendars have made me happy again. I got a Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil that looks really pretty applied on my cheeks.

December 8th-Having fresh cherry pie, hot from the oven with whipped cream on top.

December 9th-Travelling to Birmingham to have a few days away with my partner.

December 10th-Visiting Cadbury World, which is a chocolate lovers dream and also having the best Indian food I’ve ever tasted. 

December 11th-Getting to stroke a zebra at the West Midland Safari Park.

December 12th-Getting a Foreo LUNA Play Cleansing device in my Look Fantastic calendar! 

December 13th-Using Lush’s limited edition bath bomb, Error 404.

December 14th-Trying out some Christmas Krispy Kremes.

December 15th-Using the Lush bath bomb, Star Dust. It had lots of little stars inside, which made me smile. 

December 16th-I used another great bath bomb from Lush, called Shoot for the Stars. The cocoa butter stars left my skin so soft.

December 17th-A busy day, but I finished all my Christmas shopping!

December 18th-Just having a cosy day indoors with my partner.

December 19th-Another lazy day with my partner, where we discussed ideas and plans for 2017.

December 20th-It took hours, but I finished wrapping everyone’s Christmas presents. 

December 21st-I went to the hairdresser’s to have my hair done and had a soft pink tint added, which I love!

December 22nd-My last day of work before I go away for Christmas! 

December 23rd-Travelling to the New Forest for a week’s holiday in a beautiful lodge. 

December 24th-Going to a carol singing service with my family and my boyfriend and exchanging gifts! It’s tradition that we open all of our presents on Christmas Eve.

December 25th-It’s Christmas! Having a lovely dinner out and going for a walk after, made Christmas perfect. 

December 26th-I had a wonderful Boxing Day at beautiful Beaulieu.

December 27th-Seeing wild horses and animals roaming free.

December 28th-Walking the cutest alpaca Pickle.

December 29th-Having a relaxing spa day. 

December 30th-Just relaxing at home in the evening after unpacking.

December 31st-Having a chilled out New Year’s Eve with my partner and his family.

That’s my December Happiness Highlights complete. Let me know what made you happy in December. 

30 thoughts on “December Happiness Highlights

  1. Jeeze girl you did so much in December; the advent calendars were so cool, lucky you had 3 of them to open up!!! Krispy Kremes are my favorite donuts, I sadly don’t have one that close to me, I think the closest is about 2 hours away but just looking at the pictures of them are making my mouth water!!!

    xo, JJ

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    1. I did. It was such a fun month😊 I so miss my calendars. I woke up yesterday and forgot I’d finished them weeks ago! Oh no way? Is there no little Krispy Kreme stalls in the malls or anything near you? Xx


  2. Love this! December is such a fun month to do a Happiness Highlights post because there tends to be more fun things going on during the month. All the food pics, mmm! I love that you take so many pictures of your activities during the month!

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    1. Aaw thank you. December was a fun and easy month to do my Happiness Highlights as there was so much going on☺ Aaw thanks. I love photos and looking back through them. X


  3. What a fun post. I’m trying to do a happiness jar this year where I put in a thing that made me happy everyday. 🙂 I don’t have any jars so I’ve been using a happiness mate lol.

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  4. I am sooo excited to find your blog. I LOVE the idea of this post! I’m going to have to try something similar. The one thing that I loved the most… Cadbury world?! I had no idea the greatness of this place even existed. I’ve been watching Tanya Burr for years now and adore her, so dying to know…how was the polish, have you tried?!

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    1. Aaw thank you☺ I know, how cool is it that you can visit a chocolate factory😊 The polish is lovely. I’ve worn it a couple of times. It’s a great polish as even when it chips, you barely notice☺ xx


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