Christmas Week in the New Forest-Pt.1

A couple of days before Christmas, I went away with my family and my partner to the New Forest. 

As the roads were pretty busy, it took us over three hours to drive there from London. 

Once we arrived, we checked into our three bedroom lodge. Not only are the lodges huge, but they’re super cosy too. 

We put up a mini Christmas tree and stockings to make it feel festive.

I got the room with en suite bathroom. If only I had this set up at home! 

And then it was time to relax and make the most of our first night in the lodge.

After a wonderful nights sleep, it was Christmas Eve! My family, my partner and I went to an on-site craft workshop, where we had an hour to make as many different types of Christmas decorations as we could. 

Pleased with our efforts, we decorated the lodge with what we’d made. 

As it neared dinner time, my mum did a spread of finger foods for us to pick at. We ate, drank Baileys and then it was time for presents!

I’ve mentioned before that my family traditionally open presents on Christmas Eve and then we just open our stockings on Christmas Day. For us it always seems to feel more cosy and relaxed opening presents on Christmas Eve, as it’s not rushed and there’s no worrying about cooking dinner like on Christmas Day. 

My family and my partner really spoilt me with loads of wonderful gifts. (I’ll be doing a post soon on what presents I got).

Feeling festive, we all headed out to the on-site Christmas carol service, where we sang out hearts out. 

A selfie with my mum before the carol service. 

Then once we got back, we warmed up by making some very Christmassy hot chocolates. 

We watched The Snowman and other festive films and then it was time for an early night, ready for Christmas Day. 

42 thoughts on “Christmas Week in the New Forest-Pt.1

  1. Pretty girl!!!! That looks like such a good place to stay! I’ve always wanted to rent out a cabin or lodge they always look so nice and appealing- yours is exactly how I envision it. All the present though, omg how awesome you are truly loved!!! 🙂

    xo, JJ

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  2. This is such a lovely post and I am sure you had an even lovelier time there, you are so blessed! Makes me want Christmas to come soon and hopefully this year I get to be where there is snow! Really look forward to your photo journal, its so uplifting!

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    1. Thank you. We ordered a hot chocolate set so you can melt the chocolate shavings and have the snowmen marshmallows on top. They are super cute☺ Thanks. I’ve got a lot of photos to take of all the presents x

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  3. The lodge looks so cozy! That’s such a nice getaway – do you often go away for Christmas? I think it’s a great idea.
    And wow, look at the gifts! I guess you’ve been good all year! 😉

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    1. It’s lovely. We usually stay at the same site if we want a lodge☺ No it’s the first time we’ve been away for Christmas and we loved it. It felt a lot more Christmassy.
      Haha I must have been good😂 Don’t think I need to buy myself anything for a while xx


  4. How lovely hun!! I didn’t realise you went with your whole family, I thouggt it was just you and your partner. Thats so sweet, sounds like the perfect Christmas 🙂 The craft making session looked so much fun, can’t wait to see what pressies you got 🙂 xx

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    1. Yes I went with my family and partner. I don’t mention until after we’re back if we’re all away, just so people don’t know the house is empty😊 The craft session was fun, perfect for Christmas Eve. Aaw thank you😊 xx


      1. It was lovely. We all really enjoyed being away😊 Yes, especially as someone tried to break into my neighbours just before we left. Was a bit worried about letting people know we were all away. You should, it felt really nice and Christmassy😊 x

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      2. I bet! Oh gosh really?? Deffo best to be on your guard then! I was talking about this with my friend recently too, you have to be so careful! I wouldn’t even post a picture of my gifts under the tree come to think of it (although to be fair, we don’t actually put our gifts out till Christmas day anyway haha!) I bet!! It sounds amazing, glad you had a good time hun X
        PS were your neighbours okay??

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      3. Yes, the police knocked and asked us to check our doors had no marks on. Funnily enough I said to my mum I heard what I thought was a person in the gardens. So when we’re all away I don’t mention it, just incase. Aaw thanks, it’s made me want to go away every Christmas😊 They’re okay. Door was damaged but no one got in. They have an alarm now too xx


  5. Beautiful cabin! What is that on top of your hot chocolate? 🙂 Is it whip? Can’t wait to see your present post and nice decorations. I love crafts!!! XO

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