Christmas Day in the New Forest-Pt.2

On Christmas morning, we all got ready at leisure, as there was no cooking to be done or presents to be opened, other than our stockings. 

Me and my mum put on our matching Christmas jumpers and Tanya Burr eye glitter, before me, my family and my partner walked to the on-site restaurant for dinner.

The restaurant was decorated beautifully, as was the table layout. 

We took some photos of us all, starting with me and my grandad.

My mum and my brother.

And me and my partner in our party hats. 

Then it was time for our three course meal. We all opted for sweet potato soup to start, which is one of my favourite starters. Needless to say it went down well. 

For the main course, I had a roasted vegetable and stilton tart and my family had a traditional turkey dinner. 

Then it was time for dessert. Me and my partner ordered two different desserts and shared them. We got the strawberry and champagne tart and the white chocolate and salted caramel profiteroles. Both were amazing. 

Full up after our feast, we was grateful it was only a short walk back to the lodge. 

Whilst I’d intended to sit back and relax, the huge dinner was making me tired, so me and my partner decided to go for a forest walk to perk us up.

We spent an hour wandering about, finding beautiful spots and listening to the birds sing.

Then as the light started to fade, we headed back to the lodge. 

In the evening my mum laid out a cheese board, crackers, pickles and other snacky foods which we picked at whilst watching Christmas TV. 

We played some board games that my brother got as presents, then before we knew it, Christmas was over and it was time for Boxing Day to begin. 

20 thoughts on “Christmas Day in the New Forest-Pt.2

  1. Oh that restaurant looks so nice and airy. I love that the meal wasn’t a traditional Christmas dinner. That tarte looks delicious. And the desserts! YUM.
    That’s so good you were able to walk around after dinner – better than to just sit around and falling into a food coma! 😉

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    1. At the back of the restaurant there was a huge function room for the Christmas dinner. It was nice and spacious. The desserts were lovely☺ Haha usually I sit and fall into a food coma, but I took advantage of being next to a forest. It helped perk me up☺ x


  2. The table layout was so nice! It’s always nice and relaxing knowing that you’re going to be going out to eat opposed to having to get up early, cook, and set everything up on your own. The desserts look absolutely delicious, I feel like I’d need 3 courses of that alone 🙂

    xo, JJ

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    1. It was. Usually it’s not that relaxing, as my mum cooks and I’m helping out. Then you’ve got to clean up. We was all so relaxed knowing we was eating out☺ Haha me too. The desserts were so good. Xx

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