What I Got For Christmas

Christmas already feels like it was ages ago, but I’ve finally got round to taking photos of all my presents. So here’s a look at what I got for Christmas. 

From My Mum

White Ski Jacket

This jacket is completely different to what I usually wear or go for, but I saw it when I was out and loved it. Not only does it look great on, but it’s incredibly warm too. 

Merry Mint Chocolate Yankee Candle

I am obsessed with all things that are mint chocolate and this smells absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to start using it. 

White and Star Print Blanket

I love wrapping up and being cosy indoors, so I dropped some hints before Christmas that I was in need of a new blanket. My mum didn’t disappoint and got me this super soft and thick blanket. 

The rest of my gifts from my mum were in my stocking. 

Essence The Gel Nail Polish

A set of mini crackers, containing two nail polishes and a nail file

Dolly’s Mixtures Shower Gel Set

A Greggs gift card and a pair of Christmas socks

A Cinnamon Spice Scented Candle

From My Brother

Pink and White Star Nightgown

As my brother’s only young, my mum takes him out to pick a present for me. It’s a bit of an ongoing joke that I’m always in my nightgown, as I even wear it on top of my clothes if I’m at home. 

Given that I’ve worn my current one in, I was pleased to get this pretty pink one from my brother. 

From My Dad

Pink River Island Scarf and Choker

From my dad I got a pink scarf and a choker from River Island, which I helped him choose. 

Not only is the scarf really thick and warm, but it’s a beautiful dusty pink colour and I love the cute pom pom detailing. I also picked out the choker, as it’s a bit more glam and dressy than the other chokers I have in my collection. 

From My Grandad

Black Puffer Jacket

This is another jacket that’s different to what I usually go for, but I tried it on and really liked it. As I’m hoping to go on a few holidays to colder destinations in the next year or so, this should help keep me cosy and warm. 

From My Cousin

Soap & Glory Take Your Pink Set and Lindt White Chocolates

My cousin knows that I love bath stuff, so she got me this set from Soap & Glory. White chocolates are also my favourites, so she usually buys me different ones each year.

From My Boyfriend

A Box Full of Lush Products

It’s no secret that I love Lush, so I was super excited to open up this box and see so many of their products. My boyfriend clearly knows the way to my heart, as I was delighted with this! 

Inside was six bath bombs and bath melts and they are: Shoot For The Stars, Star Dust, Nevermind The Ballistics, Golden Wonder, Luxury Pud and Father Christmas.

I got a fairy bath melt and a Santa sugar scrub from the Kitchen part of Lush’s website.

Two of Lush’s Christmas bubble wands. I got the Magic Wand and The Magic of Christmas ones.

Two shower gels. One was a huge 1kg bottle of Snow Fairy, which is my favourite ever shower gel and the other was So White from the Lush Kitchen.

And finally, I got three shower Jellies. Santa’s Belly was part of the Christmas range and the Gold, Frankincense and Beer and Iced Wine ones were from the Lush Kitchen. 

A Box Full of The Body Shop Products

I was keen to try out some of The Body Shops Christmas range, so my partner got me a Vanilla Chai and a Spiced Apple shower gel. 

He also got me Satsuma and Cocoa Butter shower gels. 

A Fuji Green Tea perfume, as I find the whole range really light and refreshing.

A Spiced Apple Lip Balm, from the Christmas range.

And finally a Coconut Body Butter and Coconut Body Milk.

Zoella Pamper Hamper

The Zoella Pamper Hamper was high up on my wish list for Christmas, as all of the range was gingerbread scented. My partner added in a couple of extra Zoella bits from her Christmas range, like the Spa in a Jar and a bubble bath. Once I’ve used up all the products, I’ll either keep the hamper to store bath bits in or use it as a picnic basket.

Zoella Just Crackers

We had these crackers on Christmas Eve and each one contained a mini product from Zoella’s Christmas range, which I loved.

A Treacle Moon Set and Warm Cookie Dough Shower Gel

Treacle Moon does loads of great smelling shower gels and I’ve already started working my way through these. In the set there’s also three small body butters that go with the shower gels.

Bubble Bath and Shower Gel

My partner got me a White Grace shower Gel and a really cute traditional bubble bath, as I love my bath and shower products.

Tanya Burr Christmas Sets

As I really enjoyed the Tanya Burr advent calendar that I had, my partner got me three of her Christmas sets. The first set has a pretty pink lipgloss, blush and highlighter, the second has two lipglosses and the third has a nail polish and nail file. I can’t wait to start using these.

Bourjois Palette Les Nudes and Les Smoky

I saw Fleur De Force first mention these eyeshadow palettes and I loved the range of colours and the swivel lid with mirror. The Les Nudes palette will be perfect for spring.

Black Pom Pom Hat and White Bobble Hat

When we was in Birmingham I spotted two winter hats that I liked. The black hat is by Missguided and we bought it in Selfridges. The sparkly white bobble hat is from the Birmingham Christmas market.

Pyjama Set and Slipper Boots

I love getting new pyjamas and slippers for Christmas and both of these are really pretty, soft and cosy. 

River Island Scarf and Gloves

River Island had some lovely scarves near Christmas, so I was happy to get this really warm and soft black scarf from there. I also got a pair of waterproof gloves for our upcoming holiday. 

Cinderella Notepad and Zoella Planner

I love notepads, jotting things down and planning, so I love both of these! The Zoella planner has pages that you can tear out, as well as sticky notes.

Our Q & A a day and Q& A a day books

I saw the Q & A a day book mentioned loads, so it was another thing on my wish list. Every day for five years you answer a question and see how your answer changes year on year. My partner also got us a couples one to fill in every day for three years, which is really sweet.

The Victoria Letters-The Heart and Mind of a Young Queen Book

I love history and I really enjoyed the recent drama series Victoria, all about Queen Victoria. This book is a tie in with the TV series and also features all of her privately written letters. 

The Honourable Rebel DVD and The Hunger Games Box Set

If you saw my post about my Boxing Day at Beaulieu, you’ll have seen me mention the history of the family that own the house. The current owners grandmother was a secret service agent for Britain during the war and The Honourable Rebel is all about her life. My partner bought me the DVD as an extra present in the gift shop at Beaulieu.

He also got me The Hunger Ganes box set, as we used to go to the cinema every New Years Eve to watch the latest film. Now all the films have been released, we can watch them again at home. 

Christmas Candle

This is another gift that my partner got me at Beaulieu. I love design with the cinnamon sticks and dried oranges, which looks super Christmassy. 

Bath & Body Works Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut Candle

In the UK, there’s no Bath & Body Works shops, but online you can get a few bits. My partner got me this candle which smells truly amazing. I’d definitely buy more B&BW’s candles in the future. 

Gingerbread House and Popcorn Stocking

When we was in Birmingham, we saw this amazing looking gingerbread house that I loved and also a stocking full of popcorn. Both were absolutely delicious.

I also got:

A Slim Gold Makeup Bag

Impulse Body Spray Cracker Set

This Works Dream Team Spray Set

I love…Christmas Shower Gel Set

Lots more chocolate and other food items that have already been eaten.

From My Boyfriend’s Mum 

Lush and Debenhams Voucher

My boyfriend’s mum always buys me vouchers for shops I use a lot, so I can’t wait to use these on my next shopping trip.

Beaded Bracelet and Compact Mirror

She also got me these two pretty bits from Dorothy Perkins.

From My Boyfriend’s Brother and his Wife

Soap & Glory Foam & For Tune Set

I got a huge tin of Soap & Glory goodies from my partner’s brother and his wife. I love that the tin plays a special Soap & Glory Christmas song too.

So that’s everything. Let me know what bits you loved and what you got for Christmas. 

29 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas

  1. Oh my gosh, your gifts almost covers your whole bed! 😆
    That pink & white star nightgown looks super soft! And the puffy jacket looks very warm – it’s a classic! (They’re very popular here – the “it” brand is “Canada Goose”)
    All those LUSH products – I bet that box smelled amazing!
    And Zoella Pamper Hamper – wow! I did not know that existed. The planner looks really sweet too.
    Surely, you’re set for bath products for an entire year now?! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I was dreading taking photos there was so much stuff! 😂 Over here most winter coats aren’t actually that warm or practical. I guess where you are it gets really cold, so I can imagine it’s a popular style☺ The box of Lush bits does smell amazing. The Zoella hamper’s really lovely. Definitely something to keep and re-use. Haha well I certainly have enough bath bits and bath bombs😂 x


  2. You got so many amazing gifts!! Absolutely love the choker and the hats, so nice! The Q&A a day things are really cool and how sweet that your boyfriend got you a couple’s one too, so thoughtful!!
    LOVE all the Lush stuff, so amazing and we all need the 1KG Snow Fairy, best shower gel ever! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thank you, I did. The choker is really pretty. I’ve been wearing the hats loads too😊 I love the Q&A books. I’d never seen a couples one but it’s great filling it in together. It is the best! I haven’t started using it yet but I can’t wait. Just the nicest smelling shower gel😊 xx


  3. So many lovely gifts! The Christmas pudding socks are so cute and the dressing gown, jackets, hats and scarves look so cosy, you’ll be lovely and warm in the cooler weather! The cinnamon donut candle sounds delicious, I’d constantly be smelling it, I love cinnamon donuts! The choker is really pretty too and the glittery Bourjois palette looks gorgeous 😊 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thank you☺ I certainly will be warm. I don’t usually get that many winter items but I really needed new hats, gloves etc so I’m happy☺ The candle smells so nice. I often open up the jar just to smell it haha. The choker is pretty and I can’t wait to use the Bourjois palettes😊 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. WOW, look at all the goodies! You got a nice haul during Christmas time, haha!

    LOL, I wear my nightgown over my clothes when I’m at home too. Do other people not do that?? It’s so warm and cozy, why WOULDN’T you?

    Okay, I LOVE those slipper boots. They look so soft and girly, especially with that little bow with the jewel in the middle!

    That Zoella hamper is huge! I didn’t know she had this as part of her Christmas range. What a cute idea.

    All of your presents put together must have smelled very fragrant! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I did. I wont be buying anything for a while with all these goodies. Well my family don’t but I do! It’s just so snug putting a nightgown on and relaxing☺ I love the slipper boots too. They’re another thing I wear a lot.
      It is huge and a great idea to have a nice hamper full of products😊 It sure did. My room still smells great from all the bath bombs and bits I’ve got waiting to be used xx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh my goodness, I need to be apart of your family!!! They picked out so many good things for you, how is it that they ALL have great taste lol The two jackets; ski and puffer one are so cute, I bet their so warm. Also shout out to your dad for picking out the super cute choker!!! Looks like you got a lot of great stuff this year, you’re a lucky gal!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha they did get me some nice bits! I think they pretty much know what I like☺ I love the jackets, they are really cute and cosy. Aaw thanks hun. I did get a lot of loveky gifts. I won’t be needing to buy stuff for a while haha☺ xx


  6. You got so many amazing gifts!
    I love your jacket that your mom got you! So winter chic! And girl you are set for life (okay until the summer!) for beauty products! Enjoy all the pampering! Especially with all the lush products! ❤


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