January Favourites

January was a busy month for me with work, but as I’ve been on less days out, I’ve had the chance to discover some new favourites. So here’s what I loved in January.

Chinese New Year

The past couple of years, me and my partner have been meaning to go into London for Chinese New Year and this year we finally did! 

There was such a great atmosphere with lots of music, celebrations and good food. 

Eating Healthy and Working Out

I never thought this would ever make my favourites, but January was a month where I really started to focus on a more healthy lifestyle. I’ve been eating healthily most of the time, as well as exercising and I feel better for it. 

The Body Shop Lip Liner in Pink Clover

I got this lip liner in The Body Shop calendar in December and I have been loving it. It’s a perfect dusky pink that’s a suits-all shade. I’ve been applying this all over my lips in place of lipstick. 

Bella Pierre Gel Eye Liner in Ebony

I’ve mentioned before that I pretty much never use pencil style eye liners, but this one is amazing. I got this in my Look Fantastic advent calendar and as it’s a gel formula, it applies incredibly smoothly. Whilst most pencil/gel eye liners seem to leave me with panda eyes, this one lasts all day and doesn’t fade. 

Beauty Blender

I bought a Beauty Blender last summer and I finally started using it a couple of months back. Whilst I still think the Real Techniques sponges are great, nothing beats the real deal. The Beauty Blender helps make my makeup look that bit smoother and more flawless. 

Missguided Double Pom Pom Hat

I got this Missguided hat for Christmas and I’ve already worn it loads. The colour means it goes with everything and the pom poms add a cute touch. 

Bath & Body Works Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut Candle

My final favourite is another gift that I got for Christmas. In the UK we don’t have Bath & Body Works, but we can get a few bits on various websites. My partner got me this candle and it smells absolutely amazing! Once I’ve finished this up, I’ll definitely be buying more B&BW’s candles. 

So that’s my January Favourites. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately. 

24 thoughts on “January Favourites

  1. YESSSS you got your hands on a bath and body works candle?!?! They are my absolute favorite candles ever- they should really expand to out of the country to be more easily accessible! I’m a beauty blender user too, I love mine although I find myself having OCD with cleaning it lol but I guess its better clean than having it gather bacteria. I remember that Chinese food picture from last time and looking at it over again has rekindled my craving for Chinese food!

    xo, JJ

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    1. I so hope they open a store in the UK, it’d be so popular! My partner found a site that sells a small selection of B&BW’s products. Now I’ve tried the candle, I see why they’re so popular☺ Well keeping it clean is good. Mine needs a good clean this week, which is why I couldn’t take a photo of it lol. Haha I keep craving Chinese food too. I usually make my own, but the place we ate at was so good😊 xx

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  2. Love all of your favourites! It sounds like January was a positive month for you 😊 I’ve gotten back into exercise more lately too. That hat is super cute and I still love the sound of that candle, I want one haha!

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    1. Aaw thanks hun. Usually January is one of my least favourite months, but it wasn’t so bad. I started to make positive changes☺ I love the hat and candle!😊 Can you get Bath & Body Works where you are? Xx

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    1. Aaw thanks. I really love the hat and the candle😊 It is really important. I knew my mindset was different this year and I’m more focused. I feel better for it so far☺ xx


  3. Chinese New Year in Chinatown looks amazing, I just wanna eat noodles now too looking at that pic!
    Love the look of the Pink Clover lip liner, seems like the perfect shade! I guess The Body Shop advent calender did pull through after all 😂
    I bet that Bath and Body works candle smells amazing too, you’re so lucky to have got one!
    Loved this post and again, congrats on keeping up the healthy eating and exercise! Xx

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    1. It was so fun! Haha I want more noodles too😊 It had one item worth mentioning, so it wasn’t a total flop😂 It smells so good. The smell actually stays for ages after I’ve used it too, so my room smells really sweet and nice😊 Aaw thanks lovely😊 xxx


      1. It looks it! Noodles are the best 🙂 lool you’ll be getting it again this year just for the liner! Ah that’s so good, love it when a candles scent is actually noticeable. Sounds like the perfect candle! That’s ok hun xx

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      2. They are. I love Chinese food😊 Haha I wont be buying it for the nail file, sharpner and sponges. Maybe for the liner😂 Most candles don’t smell much when you burn them, but this one is so good☺ xx


  4. Oh My gosh you saved the best for last 😀 I love love LOVE Bath and Body Works candles! They are always having sales on them. That stinks (and surprises me) that you guys don’t have B&BW there.
    I loved you Chinese New year pics so beautiful!
    And way to go on eating healthy and exercising! keep up the amazing work sweets! ❤

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    1. It smells so good! I really wish we had a B&BW’s so I could get more. For some reason them and Sephora never want to open over here. I don’t know why. Aaw thank you. Chinatown looked so lovely with all the decorations☺ Thanks lovely💕 xx


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