One Big Shopping Haul

Since October I’ve been picking up bits when I’m out and stashing them away to mention in a shopping haul. Well now it’s February and I’ve finally decided to take photos of it all and start using what I bought. So here’s what I got.


Santa Baby Lip Scrub

I bought this Christmas lip scrub from Lush, as not only are their scrubs my favourite, but this has cute little hearts in and smells like cola!

Northern Lights Ballistic

I’ve seen this bath ballistic mentioned loads and had to buy it, as it turns the water a beautiful array of colours like the northern lights moving across the sky. I can’t wait to use it. 

Yog Log Roulade and Satsuma Bath Bomb

Both of these were Christmas releases. Yog Log is a Shower Smoothie, so it’s a body wash and moisturiser. It has a toffee scent with a nutty undertone.

The Satsuma Bath Bomb was an Oxford Street Store exclusive. As you’d expect, it has a fresh citrussy smell.

Scrumptious Shower Smoothie

This was a Lush Kitchen exclusive that I had to have. You apply this moisturiser in the shower or bath and wash it off. The description of the Shower Smoothie drew me in, as it sounds good enough to eat.

Whoosh Shower Jelly

This is one of Lush’s permanent Shower Jellies and one that I’ve never tried before. It smells really fresh, with a soft citrus and seaweed scent.

Cupid Bath Bomb

This is a new Valentine’s Day release, that is super pretty. I held off buying too many Valentine’s products, as I know my partner’s bought me some as gifts.

Frog Prince Bath Bomb and Up You Gets Emotibomb

I got both of these from the Lush Kitchen. Frog Prince is a bath bomb that was a previous Valentine’s Day release and I really love the Up You Gets Emotibomb. I pop this in my bath or shower and it dissolves to release a really uplifting and fresh citrus scent. 


Zoella We 3 Beauties Cosmetic Bag Tri0 and Gingerbread and Vanilla Fragrance Set

I ordered both of these online, as they were included in the Boxing Day sales. I definitely don’t need any more makeup bags, but these were too pretty to resist.

The Fragrance Set contains a gingerbread body lotion and a perfume, both of which smell amazing.

Zoella Lace Collar Purse

Another makeup bag! Despite being called a purse, I bought this small and really cute little bag to store makeup in.

Tanya Burr Pink Cocoa Lipstick

I saw Tanya wear this a lot in her YouTube videos and I loved the colour of it. It’s a dusky pink/brown shade that I’ve been looking for.

Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Contour Palette in Blushed Bombshell

I usually hate this type of lip palette, as it reminds me of the ones I had when I first started getting into makeup. However, I saw Tanya Burr advertising this and it looked pretty good, so I decided to give it a try.


Philosophy Christmas Cookie Shower Gel & Bubble Bath

I love Philosophy but their products can be a bit pricey. This was on sale just after Christmas, so I quickly snapped it up.

Essie Getting Groovy Nail Polish

This was an impulse purchase just before Christmas. Getting Groovy is a pretty metallic gold that I initially was going to wear Christmas time, but never got around to using. Oops!

TK Maxx

Leighton Denny Dazzle Duo

When I was in Brighton a few months back, I picked up this Leighton Denny nail polish duo. Again, I had intentions of wearing both of these over the Christmas period but never did. Both shades are shimmery and absolutely stunning.


Three Face Masks and Nail Polishes in the shades Encore and Standing Ovation

I purchased three face masks and two gorgeous nail polishes in H&M, when I was in Brighton. As the H&M stores near me don’t sell any beauty products, I made sure to buy a few items to try out.

Fleur De Force Quad Eye Shadow Palette in Lunar Rose and Lip Gloss in Written in the Stars

A few months back, Feelunique had a sale on Fleur’s makeup. I’ve never tried any of her beauty range, so I added these to my basket.

Liz Earle The Winter Icon Cleanse & Polish Set

I saw Fleur De Force mention this limited edition, winter version of the Cleanse & Polish Set a lot in her blogs around Christmas. It’s an iconic cleanser and one I’ve never tried, but the Winter Icon Sweet Orange & Clove scent drew me in, so I’m excited to try this.

I also got this Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion for free when I bought the Cleanse & Polish set.

Kiehls Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment

My under eye area has been pretty dry now winter’s set in and I’d heard a lot of good reviews about this particular eye cream. It’s a heavier and thicker cream than I usually buy, so it’ll be interesting to see how I find it.

Accessorize Cherry Pie Socks

Accessorize always do the cutest socks, so I picked up this summery pair.

Asda Aladdin and Penguin Pyjama Sets

Asda is my favourite place for pyjamas, as they’re not only super comfortable to wear, but they have the most gorgeous designs too. I love both of these sets that I got there.

Pink Hair Bow

I got this from a Christmas Market in Birmingham, as it was just too pretty not to buy.

So that’s my Shopping Haul complete. Let me know what bits you love.

51 thoughts on “One Big Shopping Haul

      1. It tastes pretty much just as good as it smells so you’re in for a treat x just beware of the red hearts, they can be a bit chewy if you get them in your mouth.

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  1. Yay, Northern Lights is one of my favourites. That Satsuma bath bomb looks incred… Have you used it yet? 😍 Loving the frog bath bomb too, how adorable! Omg Liz Earle skin care is amazing, you will love cleanse and polish. I’ve never tried Kiehls but heard such good things about the brand, but I’ve never really noticed any benefits of eye creams??! What do you find you like about eye creams/ how do they help you? Great haul X


    1. I remember you posting about the Northern Lights one😊 I haven’t tried the Satsuma one yet. Soon hopefully☺ It’s so cute the little frog bath bomb. It’s so well rated, I can’t wait to try the Cleanse & Polish😊 Haha wait until you’re old like me. Then they help😂 Just kidding. I get a dry under eye area, so it helps hydrate the area. Otherwise my eye makeup applies a bit patchy. Plus helps if my eyes look a bit puffy or tired. Thanks lovely😊 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aw, it’s so nice,I might use it today. It looks amazing! It is, you’re so lucky to have it! Treasure that one lol. I’m sure you’ll love it! Liz Earle’s toner is also amazing too. Hhaha fair enough! I see! I just never really knew what they did! Perfect to use after a late night then! You’re welcome xxa

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha I only have one of Northern Lights, so I’ll definitely treasure it😂 I’ve never tried any Liz Earle. But I know it’s a great skin care brand☺ Haha I rarely sleep before 4-5am, so I definitely need eye creams or I’d look rough😂 xx


  2. I love how your shopping and gift posts always have Lush in them! That lip scrub looks amazing! And I love their Shower gel…Though I have to say it kind of reminds me of a tenth Grade chem experiment gone wrong :p
    I love Philosophy and Christmas Cookie is one of my favs! I stock up on it and use it all year long 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome 🙂 Aw that’s a shame. I was tempted but the price always put me off as it’s a lot for a small pot of eye cream, but if it’s thick then I might give it a miss. x

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  3. The nail polish colors are to die for the green and gold is SUCH a pretty duo. I’m become more and more of a green fan and that one is so pretty! Lush bombs are a favorite of mine to see, there’s seriously SO MANY different ones so I like to see ones that other people get. This is an incredibly haul so many goodies!!!!

    xo, JJ

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  4. So many goodies, I love all the nail polish and that green is such a pretty colour. I’ve never seen beauty things in the h&m near me, just some lip balms, might have to go see if any of the others near me do any of it as those face masks look interesting.

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  5. The LUSH Northern Lights Ballistic looks interesting! Is that a single-use product?
    That Zoella Lace Collar Purse is the sweetest! It captures Zoella’s style SO well! 😀
    The Tanya Burr Pink Cocoa Lipstick is a gorgeous shade – so wearable and it looks creamy too.
    The Leighton Denny nail polishes look lovely – I’ve been wanting to get my hands on more of them.
    I’m curious about those H&M masks – let me know how you like them!
    What a fun haul!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a single use but it’s huge so could do two baths☺ It is just the sweetest little makeup bag. It was so hard to get the Tanya Burr lipstick. Pink Cocoa is the most popular shade☺
      I don’t know if I’ve ever tried Leighton Denny polishes before. If I have it was a long time ago. So I can’t wait to use these. Yes definitely. I’ll do a review once I’ve tried them☺ xx

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