My Holiday to Iceland-The Blue Lagoon

On our second day in Iceland, we woke up early and excited for our trip to the Blue Lagoon. 

As we didn’t have much time for breakfast, my partner bought some pastries and a pot of traditional Skyr yoghurt from the cafe downstairs, which we ate in our room.

Skyr is an Icelandic yoghurt that has a slightly sour taste and thicker texture than other yoghurts, but after trying it a few times in Iceland, I found myself enjoying it.

After breakfast we waited outside for the Flybus to pick us up and take us to the Blue Lagoon.

The cute buildings next to our hotel.

The bus stop.

The journey from Reykjavik to the Blue Lagoon took around fifty minutes, as you head back towards the airport. 

Once we arrived, I took a few photos outside.

And then it was time to go in! 

(Before going to the Blue Lagoon, I’d read advice online and much of it made the experience of using the wrist bands and navigating the Blue Lagoon sound much more confusing then it is. So if you want a separate post about what to do when you visit the Blue Lagoon, let me know).

As me and my partner paid for a premium package, we got a towel each, bath robes, slippers, a drink and two different face masks.

After getting ready in the changing rooms and covering our hair in conditioner to protect it, we was excited to get into the water.

We started in the indoor area to warm up.

Before heading outside.

We ducked into caves.


And just enjoyed the wonderfully warm water, which is kept between 37-39 degrees.

We tried the silica mud mask first, which gives skin a deep clean and helps reduce pores.

Before following it with the algae face mask, great for nourishing and brightening skin.

My face felt softer and smoother than it’s ever felt before after using both masks.

We swam up to the in-water bar and grabbed a couple of healthy drinks.

Before heading to the indoors cafe to grab a light bite to eat.

We made the most of sitting around in our bath robes.

And took a few more dips in the Blue Lagoon, before reluctantly saying goodbye.

Once the Flybus dropped us back to our hotel, we relaxed, showered and made sure to thoroughly condition our hair as the Blue Lagoon’s water can dry it out. 

Feeling fresh and ready for dinner, we headed out to eat at Hard Rock Cafe.

I had the delicious veggie quesadillas, whilst my partner ordered a burger.

We tried fruity cocktails.

And then shared this beast of a dessert.

Honestly I’m still dreaming about when I can have it again, it was that good.

Feeling totally stuffed after our feast, we headed back to our hotel, ready for day three. 

44 thoughts on “My Holiday to Iceland-The Blue Lagoon

  1. I bet you never wanted to leave, it looks amazing. I am desperateeeeee to visit the Blue Lagoon it’s seriously a dream of mine, I can only imagine how good your skin felt after using those face masks. And yes to the Hard Rock Café – Love it. Glad you had a good time hun X

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    1. Aaw I didn’t. I keep dreaming about going back as it just felt so good floating around in the warm water. My face was so soft and so was my whole body after being in the water☺ I think you’d love it. I love Hard Rock too. Thanks hun😊 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I tried Skyr and it’s ok in small doses – I found it too tarte in large quantities!
    I was soooo worried about the wristbands too based on all the warnings I’d read online – we had absolutely no issues with them. I loved the hi-tech-ness of the Blue Lagoon. 🙂
    Looks like it wasn’t overly crowded when you went either – we were lucky to have had one section of the pool mostly to ourselves.
    We went there on the way to the airport which was perfect – we were so relaxed for our flight home!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s definitely got a different taste but it did grow on me. I had a sore throat one day and it did wonders for me☺
      The wrist bands are so clever. I thought the Blue Lagoon changing rooms, wrist bands, etc was all brilliant. But if you read stuff online it makes it sound so confusing.
      We arrived at midday, so we was lucky it wasn’t too busy😊 Aaw that’s a good idea. It really relaxes you, so I bet you felt great on the flight home☺ xx


  3. The blue lagoon sounds and looks so wonderful and relaxing. I would love to know as much as there is to know on it just because I really know nothing about it other than it’s like a warm bath….I think a separate post would be very enjoyable to read!

    xo, JJ

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  4. So lovely, I have a friend who was there recently too and now I am dying to go there. Seems so fun and relaxing. I wanted to let you know I have nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my blog!

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    1. Iceland is amazing. I think you’d love it😊 The Blue Lagoon was so nice. I’m not sure anything can top it☺ Haha I love all the random bus stops and signs in Iceland, they made me laugh. Aaw thanks hun😊 xx

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  5. I think I’ve told you before, but the Blue Lagoon is on my bucket list! It looks so relaxing and calm. It also didn’t look as busy as I imagined it is! You should do a separate post about what to do when you visit the Blue Lagoon, I’d be interested in reading that 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so amazing to visit. It’s just super relaxing😊 I think in the summer months it gets busy, but we went midday last month and it was pretty quiet☺ Yes sure. I’ll definitely do a post about the Blue Lagoon and what to do😊 xx

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