My Month in Photos (March)

March was a quieter month for me, where I caught up on work and had less days out. However, the month still managed to fly-by. So here’s a look at my month in photos.


A Day at the Races and Dinner at Red Peppers

Makeup Looks

Gym Selfies

200 Blog Posts

Products I’ve Been Using

So that’s my month in photos. Let me know if you enjoyed this post.

19 thoughts on “My Month in Photos (March)

    1. Haha there’s a lack of April gym selfies so far😂 I’ve used nearly everything in the pictures😔 Just one Sephora mask and part of one B&BW’s lotion left. Loved everything☺ xx


      1. Haha yes. Not so healthy this month. Well food wise I’m okay but I’ve not exercised much. They are so nice. Definitely pick some up when you’re there😊 xx


  1. Oh gosh I need to go out to eat or just eat with you in general. I swear you have some of the best looking food pictures! Those McDonald hashbrowns are a total guilty pleasure of mine! Congrats on making 200 posts pretty girl!!!! I swear your selfies are perfection or maybe its just because you’re FLAWLESS!!! ❤

    xo, JJ

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    1. Haha aww. The food you eat always looks great too😊 I love McDonald’s hash browns. They’re so good. Aaw thanks. I can’t believe I’ve done over 200 posts☺ You’re too sweet. Thank you😊😙 xx

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