March Favourites

A bit of a delayed post, but March was a month where I discovered lots of new favourites. So here’s a look at what I loved last month.

Day at the Races and Dinner at Red Peppers

Me and my partner had a lovely day at the Races early on in March. After the horse racing, we ate at one of our favourite restaurants, Red Peppers.

Mally Shadow Stick Extra in Smoky Quartz

I got this eyeshadow stick in the Tili Beauty Box that QVC sell and I love it. Not only is it quick and easy to use, but it’s long-wearing and doesn’t crease. The colour is a beautiful coppery bronze shade, that’s great for everyday wear.

Fleur De Force Written in the Stars Lipgloss

I ordered this lipgloss online a few months back and I’ve been using it non-stop lately.  It’s a really gorgeous mauve rose shade that adds a soft amount of colour. 

Bath & Body Works Everything!

A couple of months ago, me and Stashy did a product swap and she sent me loads of amazing Bath & Body Works bits. 

The two bath fizzers that looked like candy smelt amazing.

These lipglosses are super fruity and summery smelling. I’ve been using them in place of a lip balm and they’re fantastic.

And finally, Stashy sent me a fresh, apple smelling shower gel. Two body lotions and a fragrance mist. All of which I’d highly recommend.

Sephora Rose Face Mask

Another great product that Stashy sent me, is the Sephora Rose Face Mask. This is by far the most hydrating mask I’ve ever tried, so it’s great to take with you if you’re travelling or if you have very dry skin.

Icelandic Slippers

I bought these slippers when I was on holiday in Iceland and I just love the cute design and how comfortable they are.

So that’s my March Favourites complete. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately. 

40 thoughts on “March Favourites

  1. Bloody hell Dannii, we’re almost in May 😂😂😂 love love love the look of all the Bath and Body works stuff, you’re so lucky! I’m definitely going to buy some when I go to Florida! Glad you had a lovely day at the races xx

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  2. enjoyed this! lovely photos and yummy goodies! There was a huge bath and body works sale on saturday as I was browsing in an upmarket mall, 75% off the large bottles of lotion! I tried 2 new one – Magic in the air and Pink Cashmere – lovely!! Nice to see you have had such a lovely time in March Dannijane!

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    1. Aaw glad you enjoyed it☺ That’s great! I wish we could get Bath & Body Works over here. Especially with 75% off😊 Thank you. March was good but April’s been even better, so I’ll post about it soon xx

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      1. No sadly a fellow blogger sent me all the Bath & Body Work’s bits, which was lovely of her. I think we might be somewhere where there is a store later this year. I love all bath bits so I’d love browsing around😊 I love vanilla scents and fruity smells. X

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  3. I agree, the Fleur De Force gloss is amazing! 😀 The Mally Shadow Stick in Smoky Quartz is so pretty!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed all the BBW goodies. I feel slightly bad now that you’ve gotten a taste of BBW but it’s not possible for you to easily replenish! 😳
    Oh those Icelandic slippers look so cozy! I toyed with getting a pair of Icelandic felted slippers but I couldn’t decide… 😛

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    1. I remember you mentioning it in a favourites post too. It’s a beautiful lipgloss😊 I love the Mally eyeshadow stick. I’m tempted to buy it in more shades. Haha it’s okay. I blame B&BW’s for not opening up over here!😂 I love all the stuff you sent. The slippers are beyond cosy. I need a backup pair x

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    1. It was such a great swap with Stashy. She has good taste☺ I love them too. Kind of wish I’d picked up a second pair, as they’re the comfortiest slippers😊 xx


  4. What a lovely picture of you and your partner, glad you enjoyed your day at the races! Written In the Stars looks pretty, I’m sure I’ve heard that’s one of the more popular shades of Fleur’s lipglosses – is that correct? The shadow stick is super pretty too xx

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    1. Aaw thanks hun☺ It does seem to be the most popular one. I think her lipglosses may have been discontinued, which if they are I’ll be gutted about. The shadow stick is great for days I don’t have much time to get ready☺ xx

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  5. I’m glad your Mally stuck is better than my shade, I keep trying with it but it’s just so sheer on the lid, shame as it looks so pretty swatched in my arm or hands (did you see they put the teaser up for box 4 this week?!)
    Looks like you had fun at the races, we never go and do anything like that but keep saying we should! Those nachos look delish!
    And definitely agreeing with everyone else, #haironfleek

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    1. It’s such a shame about your Mally Stick. I guess the lighter shades might not be as good even though they look pretty. I did☺ I have a feeling it could be a good box this time with more makeup. The races are a fun day out, so hopefully you get to go☺ Red Peppers do the best nachos, they’re so good! Haha thanks Rach. You ladies have made his day😊😂 xx

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      1. I still haven’t used half the products from the last one! I’m not big on face care. I did love the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, but hoping for more makeup this time xx

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      2. Same! I have only just put the elasticizer in my shower, I’ve tried it a few times before and never like it so it’s my last try. The body washes were such a small size, the tea tree one had melted to a water this week when I tried to use it! Had to squirt it down the plug it was unusable!

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      3. Aaw that’s a shame. It really helped my hair after the Blue Lagoon dried it out. The shower gels were tiny! I haven’t used the tea tree one yet. I think they put too many products in the last box, so we ended up with minis and the quality wasn’t so good xx

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  6. You always have the BEST things to share. I love seeing your reviews on your favorites from each month….better late than never haha That shade of the mally shadow stick is SO pretty! Bath and body works are my favorite products. nearly everything they sell smells so delightful- I’m mostly addicted to their candles!

    xo, JJ

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    1. Aaw thanks lovely. I have so many March and April Faves, I figured I’d still do two separate posts😊 I love the Mally stick. I definitely need some more shades as they’re great for on the go☺ I love B&BW’s just wish there was a store in the UK. I have one of their candles and I love it😊 xx

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