Easter Break to Somerset-Visiting the UK’s Smallest City

For Easter, me and my partner decided to go away for a three night break to Somerset, which is in the South West of England.

On Good Friday we left just before lunch time. As the roads were busier than usual, it took us around five hours to reach Somerset.

A car selfie to pass the time.

Instead of going straight to our hotel, we drove to Wells in Somerset as we’d never been before.

Wells is the UK’s smallest city and it felt more like visiting a village rather than a city. It’s quaint, beautiful and scenic.

The first place we saw was Wells Cathedral, which is a huge and ornately decorated building outside.

With beautiful high ceilings inside.

And wonderful corridors that look straight out of a movie.

Wells Cathedral was built between 1175 and 1490, replacing an earlier church built on the site in 705. It’s often described as one of the most “beautiful” and “poetic” of English Cathedrals and after visiting, I could see why.

After spending some time exploring the cathedral, we headed to The Bishop’s Palace.

The Bishop’s Palace & Gardens has been home to Bishops from the Bath and Wells area for over 800 years. Surrounded by a moat, it’s incredibly stunning.

Wells reminded me a lot of walking around the equally small and gorgeous city of Bruges.

After taking a romantic stroll around the Bishop’s Palace, we wandered around the centre of Wells.

Where the film Hot Fuzz was filmed.

Took photos on the most scenic of streets, Vicars’ Close.

Which has the title of being the oldest residential street with all original buildings intact, in Europe.

The Grade I listed houses date from the mid-14th century.

After a day of exploring, it was time for dinner. We ate at The Fountain Inn Gastro Pub in Wells, which is a cosy pub with high-end food.

We both started with tempura vegetables, which was amazing. Definitely one of my favourite ever starters.

Followed by a vegetarian curry for my partner and a vegetable lasagne for me.

Full up after a great meal, we drove to our hotel to check-in.

We stayed at The Holcombe Inn, which is a 17th century country inn.

We stayed there for one night a few years ago and loved it, so we booked three nights in a different themed room this time.

We stayed in the gorgeous Africa room, which had a freestanding bath.

Link below to my video of our beautiful room.


After a busy day of travelling and exploring, it was time for bed. Ready for day two of our Easter break.

39 thoughts on “Easter Break to Somerset-Visiting the UK’s Smallest City

  1. Never heard of Wells but so glad to be introduced to it through your post. The old Cathedral is awe-inspiring! That’s one thing about most European cities – there is such an abundance of history and old buildings. Canada is so young in comparison.
    I love the movie Hot Fuzz! It was just on TV not long ago. 😀
    The inn your stayed at is so lovely!
    Still love your pink hair by the way! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a really beautiful Cathedral. It has so much detail and it’s a big building for such a tiny place☺ I do love seeing all the old buildings in Europe. There is a lot of history😊 Canada is pretty young but you have a lot of beautiful nature and sights☺ I love Hot Fuzz too! It was funny to watch it after going Wells, as I recognised every sight! It’s one of my favourite places we’ve stayed. All of the rooms at Holcombe are lovely. Aaw thank you. It’s a tint so it’s faded, but I’ve been using a pink shampoo to add more colour to my hair☺ xx


  2. Oh my god this sounds like my dream trip! Your pictures are stunning! The Bishop’s castle and Gardens! The Vicars’ Close! I am drooling right now at all those gorgeous buildings and architecture. What an amazing trip, I can not wait to read more! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow just laying eyes on that Cathedral gave me chills, I can’t get over how intricate the architecture is, so stunning! I also love a good cobblestone road/pathway, such a beautiful little city! Also btw, I adore the pink hair it’s the perfect softest pink tone and you rock it so well!!!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so beautiful. Wells reminded me of Bruges in Belgium💕 I loved the room! I used the bath every evening. My mum would text asking what I was up to and I’d say having a bath. She was like again?!😂😂 xx


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