Easter Break to Somerset-Cheddar Cheese, Caves and More

On Easter Sunday, we started the day with another delicious breakfast in our hotel, before exchanging Easter gifts.

My partner, and both our families bought me lots of lovely Easter eggs. My boyfriend also got me some Lush bath bits and a Wet Brush, which I’d been looking at buying for a while. 

Then it was time to head out to the beautiful village of Cheddar for the day.

Cheddar is one of my favourite villages, as it’s surrounded by craggy rocks and gorges but is also quaint and incredibly picturesque.

We started our day by visiting Cheddar’s most famous attraction, its caves.

Gough’s Cave was excavated by Richard Cox Gough in the late 1800s and was opened up to the public as a show cave.

Despite Richard Cox Gough spending years excavating the cave, there’s still a lot more to be discovered.

Human and animal bones have been found in the cave that date from the end of the ice age, 14,700 years ago. The most famous discovery though is that of Cheddar Man.

In 1903 the full human skeleton of a man was excavated inside Goughs Cave. He was named Cheddar Man and he’s Britain’s oldest complete skeleton as his remains are over 9000 years old. A descendant of Cheddar Man still lives in the village today.

After seeing Gough’s Cave, we headed across the road to the Cheddar Man-Museum of Prehistory.

Where there’s a replica of Cheddar Man’s skeleton (the real one’s kept at the Natural History Museum in London). There’s also a figure of how Cheddar Man would have looked.

We saw cave paintings.

And much more. It was a fascinating little museum!

Included in the Cheddar Gorge ticket price is Cox’s Cave which we didn’t have time to do, but I’ve done before. There’s also an open top bus ride you can do through the gorge, but it wasn’t running due to the time of year.

After seeing Cheddar’s main attraction, it was time for lunch. We’d booked afternoon tea at the Lion Rock Tea Rooms, named due to the lion shaped rock directly behind it.

We enjoyed the afternoon tea and in particular, the scones were really good!

After lunch we explored Cheddar’s shops and of course had to buy some Cheddar cheese, as the cheese originates from the village of Cheddar.

Traditional Cheddar cheese is matured in the caves, due to the suitable temperatures inside. We saw this inside Gough’s Cave.

I also picked up a few other locally produced items, such as apple juice and Scrumpy cider.

We stopped off for some ice cream, as Cheddar has an abundance of fantastic ice cream stores.

Then spent the final part of our time in Cheddar at the Riverside Inn pub. The sun was shining and the pub had a live singer, so we sat in the beer garden and just relaxed.

After our great day out in Cheddar, we headed back to our hotel where we snacked on Cheddar cheese with crackers, fudge that we’d bought in Bath and Easter eggs.

We’d planned to go out for dinner in the evening, but decided to get a Chinese takeaway and watch the Hot Fuzz DVD we’d bought in our room instead.

Then it was time for bed. Ready to spend a few hours in Bath the next day and then make the journey home.

33 thoughts on “Easter Break to Somerset-Cheddar Cheese, Caves and More

  1. How cool! I’ve wanted to visit Cheddar for a while now as my Mum likes it there but your post has made me want to go even more, it looks so intersting and exciting! Love the pics, glad you had a great time X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw thanks hun. It’s such a lovely place to visit. Really pretty😊 We had a great time. By the way hun not sure if my comments on your posts are going to your spam folder xx


  2. Oh my gosh all of these cool places you have visited are being put on my bucket list! Those caves and Cheddar as a whole look so freaking cool! I am in love with all that history! And that afternoon tea looked amazing! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw glad you’re enjoying my posts lovely😊 Me too. I love historic places. You’d love Cheddar. Nearly every other shop does a different afternoon tea😊 xx


  3. I love the looks of cute little villages like that! Of course we don’t have many of those here in the US so to really see one through your photos is exactly how I envision them to look! Much like a real life village, I’ve never visited a real life cave, they’re always so interesting to me. The eeriness of them draws me in but knowing that it’s open to the public is very calming hahah oh gosh and that Ice cream. That is always a must for me on any trip I go!!!

    xo, JJ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaw you’d love the UK. So many pretty villages😊 I really like visiting different caves. Cheddar is very close to some other caves in Somerset which are really cool to visit😊 Me too☺ xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This looks so great! The caves, I love Cheddar cheese, but had no idea about this place, the scones, the ice cream! All of it! Definitely putting this place on my list for our next visit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Cheddar. Such a beautiful village☺ It’s great for food. You can Cheddar cheese, traditional cider which is from the West Country and there’s a tonne of ice cream and afternoon tea shops😊 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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